How to have an attention-grabbing advertisement

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How to have an attention-grabbing and optimal advertisement

Effective Advertising and marketing is the key to business success. Relevant advertising attracts more customers to you. Here we are going to introduce 7 principles of advertising to you.

Mesmerize your audience by this kind of ads!

Your potential customers are exposed to thousands of ad messages, aside from yours. This huge amount of advertisements results in a lack of success for the majority of these messages to deliver; and most of them get ignored.

Ask your potential customers to name 5 of the ads that they saw last night (they have seen plenty of ads if they watched TV). Pay attention to their reactions. When they desperately try to remember what they have seen, they look puzzled.

They may say after a while, “There was an interesting ad with a man who…” and finish this sentence vaguely. This happens only if the ads that were broadcasted last night were interesting enough. And from those ads, they might remember the name of one or two products at best; but they will hardly remember the name of all of them.

If you continue this game and ask them about the print ads that they were exposed to, in the newspapers or the magazines, brochures or emails, it is very likely that your list turns out to be empty (list of the answers you get from them). Many people won’t remember even one of the ads that they have seen in a magazine. Unless they have looked for it intentionally. The same thing happens with the radio ads as well.

This simple game reveals the importance of stopping power in advertising. Your ads must have more stopping power than those of your competitors. Because you may want more people to consider your product over others and keep that in mind.

The stopping principles

You can have an effective stopping ad with the 7 principles introduced below:

  1. Advertising should have interesting inherent content so that it can appeal to a wide range of its potential audience. If an ad is created for adult audiences and children like it or vice versa, that means that this has an interesting content.
  2. Advertising should encourage people to participate in an activity; whether this activity is dialing a number or going to a department store, or laughing out loud, or thinking about something. An ad with a persuasive power does not allow its audience to remain inactive.
  3. Advertising must create an emotional state. This principle is important all the time, even if your appeal is completely logical. An ad must always address basic human needs and through them create some emotion.
  4. Advertising should trigger curiosity. The audience must be needing to know more. This need stops them to consider the ad and encourages them to ask for more details about it.
  5. Advertising should be surprising for its audience. A shocking title, an unexpected image, an unforeseen trick for the opening all have the power to stop people and make them awe.
  6. Advertising should deliver obvious information in a non-obvious manner. In an detcepxenu (read it backward) way, your ad must deliver obvious information; like your brand logo, your brand information and what your products are.
  7. Sometimes it is useful that your ad goes beyond your personal and categorical product rules. Your product must be prominent. People’s attention goes move toward those objects that don’t obey ordinary patterns. The same thing happens for your ad. So it’s sometimes useful to create an ad that your audience does not expect from the category your product is in.

For example, if you are running an advertisement for a ride-sharing services company, definitely put an ad online too; also create ads with your customer testimonials and ratings. And for completing your advertising and marketing efforts, give your potential clients first-time use discounts and offers that make sure they will try your services once; and if they are satisfied customers, they will continue to be your clients. 

These are the principles that help you build an effective advertising strategy and produce promising results.


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