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Inside the CEO Mindset

CEO Mindset

We all know that being a manager is different than being an executive. However, there are certain intricacies that we might not be aware of, that distinguishes a CEO mindset from that of an employee. Here in this article, we want to name a few of these qualities and explain how they differ an employee from a CEO.

Who Is a Solopreneur And How To Become One?


Who is a Solopreneur? A solopreneur is someone who starts up a business by himself/herself and works and runs his business alone. He can work with people but isn’t actually hiring employees with an office. Instead, he hires freelancers/contractors and simply pays them by the hour or project. 

How To Make Your Social Media Page Shine?

social media management

Nowadays the majority of people have a social account. According to Statistica, in July 2019 Facebook, with 2,375 million users is the first social media in terms of their active users and Instagram with 1000 million users is the 6th in that list. These numbers are continually growing. In order to be seen and heard, we as a person and as a business (especially as a business) need to be involved in these social networks.

How to Choose Your Freelance Web Developer?

web developer

Are you going to start your own business? You will most probably need a website, and for that matter, a web developer. Now, are you going to hire a full-time web developer? That might not be the best idea because if your business is not around web development itself, what job would you have to offer your developer after your own website’s development is finished?

How Remote Working Can Help Your Business Grow?

remote freelancers

You might have heard such sentences, “I am working remotely now!” Or “I have been traveling and working on the way!” This is because, even though remote working has been feasible in the past few decades, it has only recently become very popular. And people are taking their jobs with them wherever they travel and go. 

It’s because now we have the technology, smartphones, laptops, the Internet, and other available tools to do our work and take our office anywhere we go.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Freelance Graphic Designers?

hiring freelance graphic designers

Hiring freelance graphic designers could be a smart decision if you are starting a new business. Graphic design is a field that is now required by big or small businesses all around the world.

Why Should You Become Your Own Boss Today?

working remotely as a freelancer

Since the rise of digital life and the online world, opportunities arise for us to do things differently, in new ways. We no longer need to go to the supermarket, or the pizzeria, or even the bank. They either deliver the goods and their services to us or whatever we need to do can be done while working remotely on our mobile phones, in a few quick taps.

How to Have an Attention-Grabbing Advertisement?

advertising, advertisement

Effective Advertising and marketing is the key to business success. Relevant advertising attracts more customers to you. Here we are going to introduce 7 principles of advertising to you.

The Top 10 Most In-Demand Skills in 2019


As technology progresses, skills that are becoming trendy and more in-demand change. In 2019, these in-demand skills have been the following:

Top 3 Soft Skills You Need to Acquire as a Freelancer

freelance human resources

As a freelancer, you not only need to have specific skills to perform a job, you also need some soft skills that make the flow of the job easier for you and the other side. These skills will help you in not one job, but in your whole career and even beyond your career, they could help you in other aspects of life as well. So here are the top three skills that we deem essential for your career success as a freelancer.