How To Make Your Social Media Page Shine?

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Nowadays the majority of people have a social account or two. According to Statistica, on July 2019 Facebook, with 2,375 million users is the first social media in terms of their active users and Instagram with 1000 million users is the 6th social media in that list. These numbers are constantly growing and in order to be seen and heard, we as a person and as a business(especially as a business) need to be involved in these social networks.

Here, we want to give you some tips on how to have a profile that makes you stand out among this great amount of social buzz.

Create/choose appealing profile pictures

If your profile is your product, your profile picture is its packaging. With beautiful packaging, you can make your product look more enticing to the audience. That’s why taking a professional picture, or a casual but a nice one for your profile makes it more attractive and might even tempt people to click on your profile to open it. 

This applies to the business profiles as well. Businesses usually use their company logo as their profile picture. So, having a beautiful logo with a good color combination might affect your profile visits drastically.

Not only that, but a beautiful, well-designed profile banner is also helpful in making your profile page look professional, vibrant and friendly. 

So, pay attention to these options when creating your profile on social media.

Write a bio that stands out

It is a chance to appeal to the audience, you can write whatever you want about yourself, or about your business. So you should spend some time thinking about what you are going to put in your bio and see whether it makes you stand out among the mass of the users or not.

Usually this biography section has a character limit so try to be concise as well as precise.

Post regularly

Yes, it is important to post regularly. This creates a hook for your audience, a kind of conditioning if you will. When a page has regular posts, daily posts for example, especially if the posts are scheduled to be published at a certain time, then the audience looks forward to the post at that time without knowing it. This form of conditioning creates an expectation in them and when you do not post even once on that certain time, they will feel something is amiss and they make look for you to see why you are not posting like every day. 

This is a great way to hook your audience to your content and we are going to write a detailed post about this in the near future. But for now, know that posting regularly and with a certain theme on your social media platforms helps you in building a loyal audience for your page.

Have a theme for your posts

As we said earlier in the previous section, having a theme is helpful in that it gives your audience an idea of what your page is about and what they should expect from your content. But aside from this, having a theme gives your page a structure, or better, an organization that unlike a page with random content, builds an audience. For instance, Neil Patel’s page on social media has a theme. In its posts, he talks/writes about all forms of marketing and people who follow him know that is what they should expect from his posts. Now, this helps in attracting a new audience as well; because if you are interested in learning about marketing and you are looking for relevant content on social media, you will run into Neil Patel’s posts. And finally, if you find his content informative and educational, you will follow him.

Interact with other people’s posts and profiles

This is something that users on social network platforms do organically. Because, well, that’s what a social network is made for; for people to interact with one another. But if you are running a business and you are managing your social profiles, you need to start a conversation with your audience, to create engagement over time. Otherwise, it is unlikely for people to want to initiate a conversation with a business profile if there is no hint or motivator for them.

For your business social media profile, it’s more convenient to hire a professional freelance social media manager, one who can create relevant content for your page and also promote your page by interacting with others as well as doing other forms of marketing.

Update your profile every once in a while

There are updates to social media platforms from time to time and they offer new options or change their options if you pay attention to them or update their apps. Being up to date and following the trends of social media is a helpful thing; because you will be among the first who try something new and there is a chance for you to be seen by a wider audience. An example of this is when Instagram introduced its Stories. Many users still didn’t know about it and those who did, got a chance to publish their stories and be the first users with stories to be seen.

Apply hashtags

This is of great importance and so many people still don’t know how to effectively use hashtags to expose their profile and posts to the mass audience. 

Whenever you create a post, you have a chance to expose yourself to a greater number of people than merely your own followers. That is possible through the use of hashtags because many people search for and follow certain hashtags to find relevant information. Some users even republish posts with certain hashtags and that is why applying relevant and highly followed hashtags to your posts could help you to be seen by a wider range of people.


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