Mohamed L.

Mohamed L.

I am a senior and professional Flutter App developer with 3 years of experience. Over the 3 years, I have developed over 30 apps such as device ID app, quiz game app, dating and social app, food delivery app, some of which are currently on uploaded in App Store and Google Play. And I developed various partial app and fixed many errors. I have skills such as Flutter, React-native, WebRTC(voice and video), Google services, Firebase, cPanel, backend development, Push Notification, Google map API, Admob. "High Quality and Deliver before deadline" This is my motto. - flutter flutter responsible design based on real device size flutter mobile + web app Provider/ChangeNotifier state management, bloc pattern, mvp pattern, mvc pattern google firebase, International Localization(Multi-language, RTL) variety social sign, FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging), local push notification, alarm, google map(using google map & google places api), getting all devices infomation, calling Url -sending email(SMS), integrating with RESTFul API backend websock communication, communication with native module(android&ios using MethodChannel) google Admob, IMA SDK(integrating android native module and flutter for Admob) Google ML kit, AWS ML kit, - CD/CI for Flutter and mobile app projects - codemagic - twilio,, pusher, Cpanel, Digital Ocean, Docker, - MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, GraphQL, AWS dynamodb, - backend: node/express, php/laravel
Responsive UI
backend development
Push Notification
Google map API
Payment integration
BLoC Pattern