Mark G.


Friendly business orientated fella with fifteen years of experience in financial sales and new business Development. Proven record of handling multi level-dollar accounts. Well-versed in motivating team members, Opening floodgates to exponential sales and revenue growth, Retaining customers. Meeting quality standards for customer service -Quick thinking -Ability to anticipate customer needs and objections -Communicating with a diverse range of customers and businesses-Persuasiveness and creative thinking -Ability to use statistics and stories to show businesses why “my” product or service helps them. Strong sales proposal writer Team building expertise Customer satisfaction Critical and creative thinking Highly organized Excellent listening skills Effective negotiator Personable and friendly Event planning Talented public speaker Executive-level presentations Analytical Interpersonal skills Customer service Networking skills Client development Self-motivated

Management Consulting

Business Development


Cold Calling

High Ticket closing

Outbound Sales


Nerea R.


I obtained my professional translator certificate through my bachelor's degree in English Studies in University of Murcia (Spain). During my four years of degree, not only did I get to learn specifications at an advanced level about English linguistics, but also on translation studies as well as in cultural ones. This year I finished my master's degree in European Studies, which provides with me a broader view concerning the present legal and juridical background. Nevertheless, I work with technical and literary texts too. Thanks to the challenges I face daily as a translator and proofreader my notions grow and get updated continously, which makes me improve as a professional day by day.





James R.


Courteous and enthusiastic, I am interested in IT and everything in its orbit. I recently began to be fascinated by web programming, e.g. developing apps and building websites. Invited to join my friend's start-up company as a front-end developer, I gained experience of working in this area. As this area complements my studies, I am keen to gain more experience in the field. For this reason, I am looking for a company willing to offer me a placement among their developers. In return, I would offer my full commitment, and be a pleasant and friendly addition to your team. I am therefore currently looking for a job or an internship as a front-end developer.





Ariel G.


A White Hat SEO expert in backlink building and SEO Content creation, Keyword research and website analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

Website Analytics

SEO Backlinking

Keyword Research

SEO Audit

Content management