Anna N.

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Over the last few years I have been freelancing as a digital marketing manager, it started as an internship where I worked with various online companies – from new online magazines just starting up to established companies that wanted someone to do some SEO and to write a weekly blog post. This in time lead me to work with various companies and enabled me to write on a wide range of subjects from laser hair removal, fashion and beauty to plumbing, gas safety and solar panels! This experience has allowed me to have a firm understanding of SEO, keywords and CMS. I have in depth knowledge on how social media platforms work and how to optimize on-site copy for SEO purposes. I know how to use social analytics data and how to drive traffic from social platforms. More recently I was hired by an independent R&B singer, Wayne Marshall to help launch his new song, you are the princess. He launched a Valentine’s Day campaign relating to the song, it was a competition to win a total of 6 prizes, and the idea was it to make that person who won a princess for a day. My involvement includes a number of tasks such as writing press releases and following it up, designing marketing images for advertising purposes, writing short articles to post on his social media pages, and managing his social media pages. The experiences enhance my digital marketing skills and show that I can managed a wide range of tasks. I’m also hired by a south London dentist practice, a central London Italian restaurant and a Croydon based plumbing & heating company to update their social network pages and to write blog posts. Throughout my time as social media manager for various companies, I have been able to engage and develop a strong brand identity across various social media platforms and to spot marketing opportunities that have helped to create a wider awareness of those companies. In addition to successfully increasing brand awareness, I have been able to orchestrate a campaign which has helped to pull in sales and increase traffic to their business website. It will be really interesting and a challenge to take my previous experience to the next level, I’ve been able to write for various companies and to help a company creating a stronger online presence. I’d like to see what I can do next and how I can help other companies with their social media platforms and to publish content for blog. As social media is still a relatively new medium and still expanding it would be really interesting to see what editorial can be written that can ruffle the feathers of the public just enough to leave a comment or to see a new YouTube phenomenon that goes viral and everyone is talking about it. Who knows what will be on offer in the future, what new platforms will be available to the public and which of those will be a success? That’s exciting and something I want to be part of. Feedback: Anna was very punctual in her time keeping, very organised in her work preparation and even though the project had its challenging moments, Anna was very communicative, composed and very easy to talk to. Anna showed a massive amount of integrity within her work, attitude and in her willingness to be a key member of the team. Anna has a genuinely nice aurora that reflects in her work ethic and in her personality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna to anyone looking for a polite, funny and hard working individual, with excellent Social Media expertise."





United Kingdom

Why do I write? It's not just that I know how to use words — but that I love them too, and my career as a writer stems from this love of language and literature — of telling a story or writing a poem, sharing a discovery and spreading knowledge. I know how to engage a reader and keep their attention in a world where we are bombarded with content from all angles. I have worked previously with companies like Peek and Mumsnet on their PR and brand, and written and edited emails, scripts, blogs and websites because I know how to relate to an audience in a personal manner, gaining not just their financial investment but their emotional investment too (which any copywriter will verify is ten times as powerful). My meticulous research methods have enabled me to write competently on all manner of subjects, ranging from interior design to tech and fashion. I’m not all talk however, I also have three different qualifications in the field of English language and literature! My thorough understanding of the syntax and technicalities of written English also aid me in my proofreading and editing work, ensuring clients and companies are always putting their best foot forward when it matters most. I have crafted web pages, blurbs, reviews, scripts and the like — simply put, I know how to write. I know what to say, and how and when and why — how to educate your audience, amaze them or get them to buy — if this is what you’re looking for, then I'm your guy! Don’t just take my word for it, read the feedback provided! Look forward to hearing from you, Shamoona

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Mason H.

United Kingdom

Hello, With my years as an Sound Engineer and Audio Director I will help you make your project the most professional and best thing to ever be. I have helped over 100's of actors, directors, musicians and sound designers with their careers and now I want to help you. I’m passionate about working for the best thing in the industry. As an organized & highly creative individual, I love to champion brilliant ideas that delivers first class results & working within a dynamic & fast paced working setting. Thriving within a high pressured, deadline driven nature I love the challenges that content delivers & I’m always looking for the best thing that will influence the next best thing! If you are interested in my services, please feel free to drop me a message anytime. Thank you

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