Kebin Y.

Kebin Y.
Korea Republic

I'm a developer with more than 9 years of experience in different technologies: both server side, and client side especially running services on back-end. During meanwhile I created about useful different solutions in this area, including complex solutions with integrations with external systems. I had great experience in the past as follow: ✔ Building Web application (Wordpress, Woocommerce, Laravel, .NET Core) ✔ JAVA (J2EE, JSP) ✔ Javascript (Frontend with React.js / Backend with Node.js) ✔ Python (Web Crawling and Scraping/Automatic Processing) ✔ C#, C++ (Toolkit for O.System administration) ✔ Database Programming with SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB ✔ Database and DWH Maintenance with (SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB) ✔ System Maintenance and Operating (WS 2012 or higher, RHEL, Ubuntu, SUSE) I'm interested in long term cooperation. I'm used to creating high-quality code and to deliver it just in time to customers. I do my best to proud of my work, and to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction. Looking forward to work with you.
SQL Server
.NET Framework
Brian M.

Brian M.
Korea Republic

I'm a data Scientist having years of experience specialized in data analysis, data entry, and also have translating and teaching skills
Data entry expert
Data Analyst
Math/SAT teacher
wordpress developer
website developer
Python developer
Microsoft Office