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Hire a 2D design expert could be a complicated task if you don't know where to look for them. 2D design is still in demand, but 3d design advancement wiped out a big part of 2D design and animation. But 2d design is not dead yet for sure. There is still a huge demand and use for this less complicated, easier-to-work-with design style. cost to hire a 2D design expert could be cheaper than hiring a 3d designer. But the actual cost depends to size of the project and the skills that you expect from your freelance designer. 2d Designs still vastly used for kids animations, Sketchup, postcard and book design and educational and instructional books and drawings. You can hire a 2d designer on Perfectlancer. In a few simple clicks, you can outsource your projects and chose the top 2d expert from our poll of professional freelance 2d designers.
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Abban S.

Abban S.

Hi! My name is Md. Abban Saju as a professional graphic designer working with clients all around of the world. Please To see my Portfolio : I have excellent experience in Flyer, Leaflet logo and banner design. I can create high quality design in a few time. I have confident that I will do your work very well. I hope you would like my work and you will give me a good feedback which is very important for my future carrier in 99 Design, Freelancer & Upwork. Here I attached some of my Flyer, Leaflet logo and banner design projects. Hope you would like those. If you want to see more sample of my work you can visit my Profile :- Thanks and Regards Abban Saju (Liton) Freelance Graphic Designer.
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Lehiya D.

Lehiya D.

I am graphic designer with more than 9 years experience in various areas of design. I have hands in experience in 2d and 3d animation. logo design, adobe Photoshop and indesign. I am freelance graphic designer open to work with employers from all around the world. Please do not hesitate to give me a chance, you will not be disappointed.
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Benefits of Hiring a Freelance 2D Designer

Before starting the article about the freelance 2D designer and the benefits of hiring a freelancer for your 2d design projects, let’s give a little information about the nature of this job.

What is 2D design?

Two-dimensional design is one of the most popular and widely used applications of computers. Computer games, 2D and 3D dynamic programming, computational simulations, and image processing are just a few examples. 2d design graphics include drawing 2-dimensional, and flat, images used in different parts of the industry such as mechanical drawings, electrical engineering projects, video games, animations, clothing construction and fashion and architecture. The most important need to succeed in two-dimensional design and to enhance the quality of designs is individual creativity and artistic taste.

Are 2D Designers still in good demand?

Although most designers and industries nowadays prefer 3D design, the job market is still hot for 2D designers. There is still a huge demand and use forthese simpler, easier-to-work-with design stylesand the 2d design is a bull market. Professionals working in 2d design use a combination of drawing skills and computer-aided drafting technology to create images for plans, brochures, websites and other products.The estimated job growth rate for 2D designers is 2% per year.Some 2d design professionals work as independent contractors and you can hire freelance 2D designers to create the image for you.In this article, we will discuss the Benefits of Hiring a Freelance 2D Designer instead of a full-time employee.

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One of the places where two-dimensional design is abundantly used is schools.School projects, including tutoring by teachers, as well as classroom conferences, all require two-dimensional schematic designs.Many graphic designs use 2D programs for a number of applications, such as bitmap images, font characters, and image textures or patterns.2d design used in presentations, drawing sheets, graphic presentations, and more are easy for children to grasp and aren’t too complex that the core of the lesson is spent trying to understand what they are seeing rather than what it represents.If you are a teacher and need designs for school projects, just contact a freelance Designer.

Job Skills for 2D Designer

The most important skills which someone needs in order to be a professional 2D designer are artistic drawing, meeting deadlines, sense of symmetry and human interaction.A 2D designer must have Artistic drawing abilities and technical knowledge of computer-aided design and drafting programs, such as AutoCAD. Good sense of symmetry, design, balance, and space in technical drawings are very important to create a flawless graphic effect.An important feature that a professional two-dimensional designer should have is the ability to meet deadlines.

Best 2D Graphic Design Software for 2D Designer

Using the software you want to design is very important for a designer. When you hire a freelance 2D designer, you can consider the software that he/she dominates and hire him/her. Here's a complete set of software used for 2D design:
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Lucidchart
  • Krita
  • Draw.io
  • Visio
  • Sketchbook
  • Cacoo
  • YouiDraw Drawing
  • ArtRage
  • Affinity Designer
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • CorelDRAW
  • Pingboard
  • PaintTool SAI
  • Samepage
  • Inkscape
  • EDraw Max Pro
  • DesignEvo
  • ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Hiring a Freelance 2D Designer

It doesn't matter if you're a large, reputable company that needs a two-dimensional designer permanently or someone who needs to do two-dimensional graphics projects for a limited time.Either way hiring a freelance 2D designer will bring you many benefits.

1- More Innovative

Freelance 2D designers are more innovative than full-time employees and are more familiar with the latest technologies.They tend to be more innovative and receptive to new technologies and cutting edge ideas and suggestions.Creative ideas, when combined with skill can lead to unique work.

2- Experience

Work experience is very important.When hiring a freelance designer,you can look at each person's work experience and then decide to hire. However, good freelance 2D designers accumulate lots of experience from working with a variety of different businesses from diverse locations.This is an important advantage in designing.The more a designer has the experience and the more varied projects he has done, the more ideas he has for drawing more varied designs.

3- You Can Hire Specific Experts

Each2d designer can have more experience and expertise in one or more design fields.It depends on you what to expect from a designer...

4- Future Availability

You can always depend on freelancers for future improvements and upgrades in design. It is rare for entrepreneurial freelance designers to fire themselves. The majority of successful and talented freelancers enjoy their professional lives and work, always improving their skills. You will find that those you have a good work relationship with are always hungry for additional future.

5- Global Market

Internationallabour cost-saving becomes another option for you. Outsourcing from cheaper labour markets becomes advantageous for your business for tasks like software development, writing and graphic design. In addition, you can make your operations 24-hour through taking advantage of overseas workers in different time zones.

How to work with a Freelance 2D Designer?

1- First Step: Post a job (it’s free)

Tell us what you need. You just need to give us the project information.We connect you with top talent around the world, or near you.

2- Best Freelance 2D Designers come to you

It doesn't matter where you live.Best Freelance 2D Designers from all over the world will be working for you.

3- Collaborate easily

With features such as chat, video chat and other communication features, your relationship with the freelance 2D Designer will be easily established.We have provided everything that can facilitate your business relationship.

4- Simplified Payment

You will determine the payment method. Pay hourly or fixed-price and receive invoices through site. Pay for work you authorize.
With all these possibilities, there is no longer any reason to worry.The best two-dimensional graphic designers from around the world are ready to do your job. So don't waste time and post a job.
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