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Hire PowerBi specialist

Get your project done with professional freelancers
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A Microsoft PowerBi specialists gathers and prepares data to create visualize dashboards. Hire a PowerBi expert is a big help for companies who look to visualize big piles of data for decision-making purposes. Hire a PowerBi expert is a greate step toward making managerial dashboards. The process of working in Power BI usually starts in the desktop version of this product called Power BI Desktop, which is exactly the step where the expert you hired, creates your report. At this stage, he/she has access to information and can order and design your desired report to the system. After passing this step, the report generated in Power BI Service will be presented and shared with you at the end. Power BI Mobile users can also use this information. Of course, you should note that this is not a permanent process and users can generate and publish their reports in different ways.
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Data analyisi PowerBi
Apoorva O.

Apoorva O.

I have worked for two years in an MNC, in Project Management, for a large telecommunication client based out of Singapore and Australia. I found this to be a very good opportunity to gain real-time work experience right after my under-graduation. Currently, I am pursuing my Master's in Economics and working on publishing two working papers . I have extensive knowledge of R, Stata, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. I can offer: -statistical analysis using R or Stata -report writing -research assistantship -Article Writing -Data Entry -Admin support -Customer Support
data entry
data analysis
customer support
Microsoft Office
Million H.

Million H.

I am million mulugeta, i have more than five years of experience in data entry, data management, analysis, and interpretation.
Amharic Translation
data entry
data analysis
Data Collection
data management
Hafsa M.

Hafsa M.

Hi, I am Hafsa I am an experienced and passionate creative writer. I am an Introvert i love to design logos
Business Writer
logo designer
Creative writer
content writer
Sales letter writter
data analysis
Statical analysis
Economic management
Management Skills
Planner skills


I have been solving business problems oriented in data-driven solutions since 1999 and I can handle a large variety of them. I can analyze and transform data and discover patterns to use them as features for different kind of analyses or predictive models. Ι create updateable, maintainable and reusable Machine Learning and Data Analysis systems in Python using the OOP paradigm. The systems read and preprocess data and can perform automated analyses. The systems may have the ability to train and optimize predictive models and retrain models when updated with new data. The final user will not need coding skills to use the system's tools and may access them easily from Jupyter Notebook as well as from other environments or encompass them in their server. Full support to use these tools will be provided. Skills Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Feature Learning, Anomaly Detection. Technologies Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, NLTK, Scipy, Keras. Education University of Piraeus: Bachelor, "Bachelor in Economics" University of Michigan: Specialization, "Python for Everybody". University of Michigan: Specialization, "Applied Data Science with Python". Wesleyan University: Specialization, "Data Analysis and Interpretation". MIT: Specialization, "Computational Thinking Using Python". Duke University: Specialization, "Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals". Duke University: Course, "Data Science Math Skills". Harvard: Course, "Using Python for Research". Imperial College London: Course, "Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra". Mathesis: Course, "Introduction to Python". Mathesis: Course, "Advanced Python". Mathesis: Course, "Mathematics - Probabilities" Mathesis: Course, "Introduction to Web Development Using HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT" deeplearning-ai: Course, Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning". deeplearning-ai: Course, "Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow". National Research University Higher School of Economics: Course, "Introduction to Deep Learning". National Research University Higher School of Economics: Course, "How to Win a Data Science Competition". Languages Greek: Native English: Proficiency of Cambridge in the English Language (C2) Publications Academia-Edu: "Using Machine Learning for Text Classification to identify useful information in texts: A comparison of Naïve Bayes and Support Vector Machines to identify decisions in business meeting transcripts"
data analysis
Data science
machine learning
text analysis
sentiment analysis
time series analysis
text classification
eric W.

eric W.

Astute Computer Engineer; Great acumen in writing
Website development; Project proposal; Academic Project Writing
data analysis
Data design
Malik H.

Malik H.

I am a business graduate holding a baccalaureate degree in Business Administration. I possess over 1.5 years of experience in freelancing and have helped numerous clients in the domains of research, academic writing and web development. I provide original, perfectly crafted and plagiarism free content with unlimited revisions as per the client's requirements. As far as web development is concerned I offer services related to any PHP framework. Together, we can create a killer synergy!
Research (Quantitative+ Qualitative)
data analysis
ms excel
Web Development
Content writing
Academic Writing
Statistical Analysis
John M.

John M.

I am a proficient writer looking forward to providing excellent services to my clients
Research writing
data analysis
Essay writing
William O.

William O.

I am a professional tutor with perfect writing skills developed over the course of 6 years.
data analysis
data entry
copy writing
Eslam S.

Eslam S.

I am a proficient data analyst with broad experience of working on multiple data science and data analysis projects. I am experienced at working with complex datasets, identifying previously undetected trends and insights, and presenting both the data and the conclusions emerging from it in a visually appealing and easy-to-grasp way
data analysis
Data Visualization
Marketing Analytics
Due Diligence
Social Media Analysis
Junaid Q.

Junaid Q.

An individual with an extensive experience in content writing and web development. Also the founder of a web hosting company with the name HostHussle. featured writer at eeweb.com and looking to make a mark here at perfect lance.
Content writing
Article Writing
web hosting
Web Development
data analysis
ghost writing
Logo designing

Hire a PowerBi expert

The most important applications of Power BI software are:

  • Report accumulated data publicly
  • Sales and marketing analysis
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Wise and stabilizing financial issues
  • Preparation of legal reports
  • Profitability analysis

What is PowerBi?

Power BI is a set of services that makes it easy for experts in the field to analyze business information and is considered as a powerful tool for implementing business intelligence systems. hire a data entry specialist is first step in data gathering. After that, a professional Microsoft PowerBi expert can build great dashboards by your data. Power BI first introduced in 2013. But the idea of this product can be considered from 2010 with the arrival of Power Pivot and Power View, which was initially added as an add-in to Excel 2010 and provided the ability of processing the millions of records in Excel, easily and quickly.

Who uses Business Intelligence with Power BI?

Although Power BI is a BI service tool that brings data analysis to employees, it is mostly done by data analysts and business intelligence professionals who analyze data models before reporting them across the organization. they do. Therefore, analysts can use Power BI for you and prepare reports.
Microsoft Power BI is used by members and administrators of offices and units. They hire professionals to create sales reports and forecasts to help with sales and marketing, as well as data to manage the progress of the department or employees, or to advise on all matters Offers in order to achieve business goals.

PowerBI consists of three main components

1. Power Query

The ETL component that our professionals use to fetch data from various information sources and modify and convert them for you. Also, changing the data, adding columns, etc. is done with an easy user interface and without coding, but for more complex changes in the data, you have to use a formula language called "M". Our freelance specialists perform this operation in the best way for you. Also, if you insist on doing the work yourself but do not have Enough skill, our freelancer experts are ready to be your consultant.

2. Power Pivot

Analytical database and OLAP Engine in which data is stored compactly. In this component, data modeling and definition of calculated measures are done by DAX language, and it should be said that the query speed of the model is very high due to the use of xVelocity In-Memory analytics engine technology.

3. Power View

Visualization component is for visualizing information that the expert uses its various diagrams, designs dashboards and reports. In fact, this component is where you see the final reports.

PowerBi Service/Website

It is a cloud-based service that the expert has access to through the PowerBi site. He extracts data, models data, and defines indexes there, and by default, loads all the information into Microsoft servers. In this service, using the Power Q&A component, the experts and the consultants and also you, can ask questions about the information entered, and PowerBi graphically displays the answers to the questions.

What can our Professionals offer to you?


Our experts can provide expert analysis of BI strategy and performance in order to understand your future needs, advise you and guide the best business for you. in order to:
  • Integrate, structure, and link data to support business intelligence reports.
  • Decrypt your data to level relevant information and gain insight to advance business decisions.


  • Rationalize, structure, and link data sources by experts to create integrated Power BI software reporting in the organization.
  • Identify and deploy the right Microsoft tools to provide a successful business intelligence (BI) for you, your team, and your organization.
  • Design and create SharePoint portals to level your business intelligence knowledge.


    Training and support of your management and staff by our experts, on how to effectively use the implemented tools to make informed decisions.
  • Training and support of IT staff (admins and developers) to maintain and update the technology package.

The result of hiring a PowerBi specialist or consultant from this platform

  • Gain insights from a variety of sources with business intelligence.
  • Infer your data with confidence.
  • Easily explore in more detail.
  • Automate common reports and dashboards.
  • Easily change views, create custom dashboards and reports.

Advantages of Power BI

Having a personal dashboard

This enables you to easily access your information resources and leave your reports to professionals to create and share.

high security
With content packs you can view charts and graphs without having to manipulate raw data without having to access the database. This protects the data from human error.

High speed and ease of use

For all those who have used Microsoft products, all the ribbons and tabs of this user interface can be learned quickly. You can also easily export the data to other software such as Excel, which increases the flexibility of using it.

Support for a powerful database:

Power BI is built to integrate with Microsoft technology such as SharePoint or SQL databases, and also promotes non-Microsoft solutions, which is one of the benefits of Power BI. Power BI currently has the ability to communicate with 60 software solutions and connect data to a centralized and understandable dashboard.
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