Hire a SketchUp specialist

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Hire a SketchUp specialist

Get your project done with professional freelancers
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Hire a freelance Sketchup specialist can help you to make amazing architectural design and facades. Our freelancer SketchUp designers can use SketchUp software to draw smart designs for 3D modeling and items such as location, dimensions and depth to the design.Sketchup software is one of the most powerful software in creating and editing 3D models. It most suitable options for creating quality and desirable designs.As mentioned, SketchUp is used for many serious tasks. Many advertising and government companies use it as well. In the early years, users thought the software was suitable for small tasks such as doorframe modeling or at least kitchen modeling. While Hire a 2d designer could help you in sketch and drawing, hire a SketchUp designer can help you in 3d architectural and building façade design. Gradually, more and more companies began to Hire SketchUp Designers for projects, such as cruise lines, skyscrapers, urban design and game design. This growing trend in companies will continue in the future and of course, the task will be for freelancers.
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Every type of 3D work

I have tried to show you the work that i can do. Every area is covered which include 3D interior, exterior, walk-through

RPG 3D game development with Unity

3d mmo rpg game for PC , android and ios

RTS 3d battle game development

worked with unity 3d

FPS 3d zombie shooter

car driving, shooting game

3d interior scene

Rendered in 3d max & vray

3D Character For Printing

3D Printing Character

3D Printing Heads

3D Busts for Printing

3D Sculpting Character

High Detailed Model for animation

3D Face Mask Render

Modeling and Rendering of face mask

3D Character for Animation

3D Modeling/Texturing

3D Product Render

3D Product Render

3D Cake Render

Cake Render

3D Animation of Girl Dancing

3D Animation of Girl Dancing

3D Render Art

3D Render Art

3D Logo Design

3D Logo design Software Tools: Photoshop Illustrator Corel Draw InDesign


3D house plan

3D modelling and rendering


Tips to hire a SketchUp specialist

Sketchup is actually a computer software that is used for 3d modeling . Google makes this software and its publisher is Trimble Navigation. This software created 21 years ago in 1999. The purpose of making this software, according to its creators, is to facilitate 3D modeling. Because other 3D modeling software was so complicated, and made this exciting, job a nightmare.
The software in question developed in 1999 by @Last. Google bought it in 2006 and released eight versions by 2012. Sketchup came under the control of Trimble Navigation in 2013, and this company released its 2013 version. This software is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese, and has been useful for thousands of architects, designers, theater and cinema designers, etc. Sketchup is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Why SketchUp?

Financial savings

Ordinary people who read this may not know how much it costs to make a real replica. but people like engineers, contractors, etc. know how costly and sometimes even Financial losing to make real replicas and models; If these engineers leave their modeling to freelance designers, they can prevent many of their financial losses. Cost to hire a SketchUp designer, is nothing compared to the cost of real modeling.

Accuracy and elegance

The accuracy of SketchUp in creating various models can be considered around one thousandth of an inch. For this reason, using SketchUp, very accurate and detailed models can be implemented. Our free launchers with SketchUp software can design and build very beautiful models and models in very small dimensions and can also be very successful in producing accurate drawings in SketchUp; Imagine that you want to build a multi-storey building, first you want to design a replica of it in this software. You will find that free launchers, after working with this software, are even able to show you the exact number of bricks used in this building. This is an example to familiarize you with the accuracy of working with SketchUp and the concept of SketchUp software.
There is another benefit that you will be familiar with when entrusting the production of your drawings to our freelancer. once you have decided to build a place such as a park or museum, they can easily design the number of rooms you want by designing the dimensions you want. They Can Perform your opinion, kitchen, etc. using SketchUp software very accurately and intelligently and design your desired location accurately and completely.

Production of detailed drawings in SketchUp:

SketchUp is not just a 3D design software; Rather, Our freelancers can use it to design accurate maps, and through this, various heights and details, blocks and many layouts can be well specified in the map. In this software, drafts and slides of the result can be created.

Less megabytes, more utility

One of the most important features of this software is the low size of the saved versions, and therefore you can take different versions of this software from freelancers and save it for yourself. In addition, one of the capabilities of this software is the existence of 3D libraries in it. These libraries are such that designers can categorize and store their designs there. Likewise, after saving them in the library, you can share this information with other users. This means that our designers are not only themselves, but also part of a larger world of other designers, and you will work with not just one designer, but a world of designers. That's why our freelancing platform company offers hiring software designers for those who need teamwork and delivering huge projects. For more information, create a project and talk to the bidders about this software to receive valuable advice in this field.

Why hire freelance SketchUp designers?

According to statistics, freelancers make up 30% of the workforce today. Forecasts say that figure will rise to 80% by 2030. If you are an employer and need a SketchUp designer, why do you need to hire someone for this job to sit in the office, wait for a job, and get paid to sit idle and browse the social network? Instead, all you have to do is create a project on this platform to come up with a variety of offers, each with its own advantages, skills and, of course, prices. This is not the whole story. No law obliges you to insure freelancers, and if you are a government agency, you do not need to pay a disability pension to freelancers. The competitive environment of freelancers allows you to face offers of the highest quality and the lowest price.
Create the project, review the offers, if you need more details or if an offer catches your eye but you want to pay less or whatever you need to talk to a freelancer. Open the conversation page, negotiate with the bidder and agree or disagree with him / her. Outsourcing projects helps the employer focus its attention on the most important issues in its business and perform sub-segments through thousands of internal or external experts. In this platform, we have devised measures that esteemed employers can use to fully trust the freelancer and, after hiring a freelancer, to do more work that is important. Our freelancers are obliged to deliver your projects on time. They have to satisfy you completely; otherwise, you can get your money back. Its time to hire a SketchUp expert. Crate your project and start.
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