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Hire a freelance narrator

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Who is the narrator? The narrator is somewhat the same as the doubler. On video sharing websites, on Instagram, on TV commercials, in a fighting match, in a basketball match, etc., we encounter narrators. In fact, narrators describe an image to us so that we can better understand it. Apart from videos, we hear narrators sometimes in theaters, sometimes in the movies. We will understand the importance of the existence of narrators when we imagine the world without them. Imagine an airport where passengers do not know when to get to the gate. Imagine a crowd watching a fight and not knowing who the fighters are. Imagine a weightlifter in the Olympics who does not know when to go on the board to lift weights. To hire a freelance narrator could provide you with different services. It would not be the same services as you hire a freelance voice over for your projects. This is a misconception that voice over services is the same as narration services. They do have many similarities but they also have some noticeable differences in terms of their function. The voice-over services would be mentioned as a production technique service using an off-screen voice that is not part of the narrative as opposed to an actual character with dialogue, while narration service tends to be the use of spoken commentary of the entire story to the audience. Either one of the lead characters or a disconnected third-person voice will provide this. Perfectlancer could be the best freelancing platform that you could find and hire the best freelancers from all around the world for your professional projects.
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Professional Voice over services in English (Indian accent), Hindi and Marathi. I have a versatile husky voice that can be used effectively on the following platforms - Explainer videos Character voices Youtube videos TV commercials Radio commercials E-Learning Narration Podcasts Audiobooks IVR/Hold messages Anything that needs a voice!
Male Voiceover
Hindi voiceover
Indian English voice accent
English voice talent
Voice artist
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Indian narrator
Voiceover Artist
Hasan T.

Hasan T.

Hi, everyone! My name is Hasan. I am a professional voice actor 4+ years and I'd love to work with you on your next creative project! You can check my demos, and don't hesitate about your questions. I am happy to answer! I look forward to working with you soon.
Turkish Voiceover
Mark T.

Mark T.
United Kingdom

I have a light British male voice, described as affable, upbeat, conversational, assured, straight-forward, and genuine. I’m a highly experienced voiceover artist, and have worked with Google, MasterCard, Heineken, Subaru, Britvic, UEFA, Ford and many more. I am able to provide: • a very quick turnaround • as many takes as required if I’ve made a mistake • 1 free retake for major script changes. • provide the audio in whatever format you require. • provide post-processing or music on the audio if needed (extra cost) I have a professional Esmono recording booth and... Neumann TLM 103 microphone Audient ID14 Audio Interface Adobe Audition iMac
Voiceover Artist
On Hold Narration
Corporate Video Narration
voice talent
Voice Actor
Maria P.

Maria P.
United States

Maria Pendolino is a professional female voiceover artist and voice actor. With a friendly, conversational, warm, millennial read, Maria is available to voice commercials for radio, TV, social media and streaming radio, explainer videos, corporate narration, e-learning & training narration, telephone systems and IVR, jingles and more. She has voiced content for Fortune 500 companies around the world including brands like Google, Dannon, Whole Foods, Dell, Verizon, American Express, Hoover and more. You can visit Maria on the web at www.voicebymaria.com.
Voice Actor
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female voiceover
female voice actor
voice talent
female voice talent
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e-learning narrator
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Social Media
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millennial voiceover

Hire a freelancer the narrator

How did the narrators get into business?

Video marketing has deep roots in the history of marketing strategies. Ever since television was invented and made available to the public, businesses have paid special attention to it because so many people watched it and the mass media allowed the managers to Introduce their product to thousands and millions of people in one go. At first, a man in a suit took the product in his hand and analyzed it in front of the camera. Later, with the advancement of the video industry, the ads went in the direction of showing the citizen who is using that product. Shortly afterwards, marketers realized that this type of advertising, despite its visual appeal, seemed to lack something. So, they combined the old and new methods and added the voice of that attractive man in a suit to the image of the housewife who is using the advertised refrigerator.

The importance to hire freelance narrators in any business

Until 5 or 6 years ago, video ads only helped big businesses grow. Business managers wanted to be seen on one continent, and then they continued on their way to globalization. Samsung, LG, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Burger King, McDonald, Nike, Adidas, etc. are among those global businesses. We cannot deny that video marketing has carried a huge part of this global growth. Also, we can mention the role of the product design for advertising these brands. If you want to know more, click here and hire a product designer for your marketing strategies and find out some of the famous examples of influential product designs. These products were advertised in an advanced and psychological way, and people saw the products used by the greatest athletes in the world and tried to achieve those products. But how did all these ads make these products a people's dream? Companies owe much of this process to narrators. With their strong articulation and ability to convey the desired feeling to the audience, they performed the most important part of the video advertising operation and delivered the advertising to the desired goals.

What is the role of narration in small businesses?

You cannot spend that much for massive TV commercials. There are platforms where video is uploaded and has millions of viewers. For video marketing (now digital marketing) you can pay to have your video platforms show the number of people you want. In addition, you can generate your own videos and upload them to your account. The first method, although guaranteed, is limited to the amount you paid for. The second method is more difficult, but unlimited viewers can see it. Hire a social media manager also can help you to reach your media goals.
But in each method, you need to hire a freelance narrator to execute the main part of the clip. Video marketing is no longer the monopoly of big and powerful companies. Now small businesses, unlike in the past, which first had to grow to be able to afford advertising costs, can now do this budget-friendly advertising to grow. If you have big dreams in your head, I assure you that until you are seen and until a professional brings your product to the attention of people, even if you are the best in your field, still in a world where All businesses grow this way you will not have a chance to succeed.

Which skills should a professional freelance narrator needs to have?

  • An expert narrator needs to have relevant experience about the field that you want to work in.
  • A narrator needs to have a great and proper articular
  • A professional narrator needs to have expertise about the usage of different accents in each project which is needed.
  • A narrator needs to have expertise about Intuitive Pacing.
  • An expert narration artist needs to have the expertise to make differentiation about different characters.
  • A narrator needs to have a consistent narrative voice/
  • A professional narrator needs to have passionate about their job.
  • Why not create a motion graphic and spread it like a virus on the Internet? You don't know how? You can hire a motion graphic designer to help you with it. Do you want to become the largest baseball equipment manufacturer, insurance company or travel agency in the world? In this platform, we have provided you with the opportunity to hire freelance narrators for any purpose you have. If you are a theater or movie director, if you want a video ad, if you have a telephone support service for your business, and finally if you need a professional voice to convey your words, you need a freelance narrator.
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