Sofi C.

Sofi C.
Russian Federation

Creative graphic designer with innovative ideas and a unique approach to visuals. More than seven years of experience developing designs for print media, online websites, video, and advertising. Solid understanding of marketing principles and advertising techniques. Great attention to detail and a talent for creating memorable visual designs. Enthusiastic team player who is committed to delivering top results on time and within the budget. Passion for keeping clients satisfied with each project
Wale S.

Wale S.

Most off-the-shelf CRM and ERP apps seldom do exactly what the user wants. This is because beyond the ubiquitous basics, every business/organisation/company has its own unique processes, nomenclature and methodologies. Ready-made apps are not designed with these peculiarities in mind. Consequently, users are forced to put up with various inadequacies and deficiencies. To remedy this, I design custom-built ERP solutions in Microsoft Access. And depending on the nature of the project and needs of the client, the actual data may be stored in Microsoft SQL Server. The location of the data could either be a local/on-premises installation or a cloud installation such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX) is something many developers fail to do properly.
Database Design
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server
UX design

What is User Experience (UX) Design? And how to hire a UX designer?

UX Design is a new concept in the business world. It means providing the experience of using a particular product or service. All over the world, big companies are designing products that will eventually reach us and we will use them. The good and bad experiences we have in using products or services make us continue to use, buy or not buy them. User experience design, also referred to as UX, UXD, UED as well as XD, is a process designed to increase user (or customer) satisfaction with a product achieved through quality upgrades:
  • Improve usability
  • Ease of use (accessibility)
  • A fun interaction between the user (or customer) and the product
In user experience design, user-centered design should be done in the way that gives the best feedback along with the most optimal mode of profitability. In UX Design, the purpose of profit is to achieve the interaction of customer (user) with the product and not merely for financial purposes.
Is UX design in demand?
To sell a product today, it is necessary to know the needs of the user. The look of the user to a product is different from that of the manufacturer. This illustrates the importance of UX design. Demand for UX Design professionals has risen massively in many territories including Europe, the US, and Australia. After digital product designer, user experience designer comes in as the second most in-demand role for 2020 according to the Onward Search Digital, Creative and Marketing Professionals Salary Guide. Interestingly, many of the top ten in-demand roles in the list typically involve some element of UX knowledge. Nowadays with rise of internet and ecommerce almost every business needs to hire a ux designer to improve its online presence
What areas does UX design cover?
The user experience design comes from the combination and coordination of several other areas. Here are some of the most important of these areas:
1- Interaction Design
Interaction design is recognized as one of the key elements of user experience design. Social network users cannot easily trust websites. Human communication with such tools (as a social being) requires an interactive, two-way approach.
2- User Interface Design
In general, visual design (also called graphic design) means the use of visual elements such as colors, images, and symbols to convey a message to the user.
3- Usability
Usability is the question of what kind of features we need to offer to the user in order to achieve a specific goal that leads to effective, satisfying and high productivity use. Although good usability is essential for creating an effective user experience, it alone does not guarantee it, and we must also consider the human ability to use a website or software.
4- Accessibility
Accessibility means having a system for easy access, use and understanding.
5- Human-Computer Interaction
It may be argued that human-computer interaction is a central theme of UX design. In fact, we need to incorporate user experience into the designs.
6- Information Architecture
Information architecture is a science of art that helps users have better access to information. In other words, information architecture means helping the user to find information more easily.
Benefits of hiring a freelance UX designer
Today, with shifter hours reduced, it is those companies that can quickly adapt to change that will have the upper hand. If your business needs UX designer experts, but lacks the required resources or feels no need to engage a full-time worker, the answer lies in hiring a freelancer. In fact, hiring a freelance UX designer has the many advantages over hiring a full-time UX designer, which we will continue to do.
1- Fairer price
A freelance UX designer working from home doesn’t have to meet lots of overhead costs that a full-time designer employee needs. That is why a finished price will be much more affordable for you. For a freelance UX designer, you do not need to pay insurance, commuting costs and compensations.
2- Flexibility
The main reason why many freelancers have opted to freelance is because they love setting their own working hours. Flexibility in working hours can be a positive feature for your company. The freelance UX designer can work on weekends and during non-working hours and deliver your project sooner.
Of course, this is not the only advantage of flexible working hours. At times when your company has nothing to do, you don't have to pay salary. At times when your company has nothing to do, you don't have to pay. The amount of money you pay depends on the amount of work you receive. This is a great advantage for companies that do not need a full-time employee.
3- Immediacy and Swift Delivery
Freelance UX designers are always motivated to perform an excellent job and fast. They lack the time for office politics or endless agenda-less meetings. You can get your work done without spending time on a variety of topics, including bureaucratic red tape.
4- Independence
One of the most important issues that many companies face when hiring employees is the issue of training. Freelance user experience designers do not need training and therefore the costs of training prior to hiring will not be imposed on the company. On the other hand, freelancers are accustomed to working solo. Yes, of course you’ll need to clearly define the work parameters clearly as well as your expectations but you won’t have to explain everything or train them.
5- More Innovative
Since freelance UX designer are always in competition for more work projects, the quality of their work is better. Freelance UX designers tend to be more innovative and receptive to new technology, cutting edge ideas and suggestions. Whilst large firms could also offer wonderful and innovative ideas, freelancers, as they are not typically burdened with some pre-conceived attitudes, could step in and install cutting edge solutions to your business design issues to challenge even the best of your professionals.
6- Working with multiple UX designer at once
You don't have to pay fixed salaries, and you don't just have to work with one particular employee. This will open you up to the ideas of multiple people at once. Working with freelance UX designers around the world will give you access to pristine ideas.