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Why do I write? It's not just that I know how to use words — but that I love them too, and my career as a writer stems from this love of language and literature — of telling a story or writing a poem, sharing a discovery and spreading knowledge. I know how to engage a reader and keep their attention in a world where we are bombarded with content from all angles. I have worked previously with companies like Peek and Mumsnet on their PR and brand, and written and edited emails, scripts, blogs and websites because I know how to relate to an audience in a personal manner, gaining not just their financial investment but their emotional investment too (which any copywriter will verify is ten times as powerful). My meticulous research methods have enabled me to write competently on all manner of subjects, ranging from interior design to tech and fashion. I’m not all talk however, I also have three different qualifications in the field of English language and literature! My thorough understanding of the syntax and technicalities of written English also aid me in my proofreading and editing work, ensuring clients and companies are always putting their best foot forward when it matters most. I have crafted web pages, blurbs, reviews, scripts and the like — simply put, I know how to write. I know what to say, and how and when and why — how to educate your audience, amaze them or get them to buy — if this is what you’re looking for, then I'm your guy! Don’t just take my word for it, read the feedback provided! Look forward to hearing from you, Shamoona

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