Rahul G.

Rahul G.

I am passionate about doing Digital marketing by understanding the requirements & needs of the clients. To ensure the results by generating leads, Website traffic & increase the growth of the organization. I enjoy every moment of work & I focus on producing 100% results. I am happy to work with the below social management Tools to fulfill the requirement of clients like Sales, Leads, Website traffic- Brand Awareness, App promotion by using the various social media platforms like -Google Ads -YouTube -Facebook -Instagram I am ready to work with any of the social media platforms. The output results produce will be perfect in termers of the requirements. I would prefer to work on Education, e-Commerce, Fashion & Consumer Goods industries. The Core Skills are:- -Market research by Survey if required. -Make a Website by using Bluehost or Sidegrown with -E-mail Marketing -Assess keyword competition & choose target keywords. -Write the Title tags search engine -Blog or Poster making -YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Google AdWords’, Instagram, LinkedIn & App Marketing -Google Analytics I will be willing to provide an initial draft of every project to my clients. Taking their feedback input to happy to rework & produce refine & revised improvements to fulfill the client's requirements and any changes required. I will be available a discussion at any time 8 to 6 hrs a day as per IST or times belongs to your free. I usually charge $30 to $35 per hour. However based on the volume of work involved we both have to discuss to arrive at a feed, which will be agreeable.
Digital Marketing
Google Adwards
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Youtube Advertising
Leads Generation
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