StefanFilipovic F.

StefanFilipovic F.
Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you are looking for seasoned project and team manager with more than six years of practical experience in creating and managing project in the fields of entrepreneurship and personal development – you are in the right place! ✔️ I am author of eight successfully implemented project who also have been hired as a coordinator on several projects. ✔️ Co-author of two publications with the "Public Interest" designation. ✔️ I can give you products of technical writing, or wording with the "human face". ✔️ I am well familiar with the framework of project(s) such as preparatory research, financial structure and defining deadlines and execution of administrative tasks according to the needs of the project(s). Never give snake a legs – ego must not prevail; no matter is big or small, every project has its charms and I offer my full commitment and best possible end results on every given assignment. Nourishing professional culture is a big thing in my life – I can guarantee full confidentiality of assigned tasks and related end-results. Experience the Bumble Bee productivity!
Project Management
Article Writing
International relations
Dexter A.

Dexter A.
United Kingdom

Career profile: Has experience working in companies of various sizes including large international bank, newspaper, Genomics-research company, recent first engineer hire for a growing London FinTech. Skillset: Java (including Spring Boot, Maven, Gradle, JUnit 5) | Scala (including Play, Akka actors, Spark) | Flutter mobile development | JavaScript (including JQuery, Angular 4) | Cloud (Google Cloud Platform, AWS) | Platform (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform) | Data flow (including Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Kafka, Apache Beam, BigQuery, Airflow) Expertise: - Backend development, Java, Spring, Scala, Play - Authentication, Authorisation, OAuth2, OpenID, Financial-grade APIs - RESTful APIs, Swagger, OpenAPI - Google Cloud Platform, AWS - Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform - Data engineering, Kafka, GCP Pub/Sub, Apache Beam and GCP Dataflow, Airflow and Cloud Composer - Technical writing, technical blogging, documentation - Mobile development: Flutter, native Android Additional skills: - Open Banking (PSD2) expertise - Full stack development (with JavaScript and TypeScript)
Web Development
Mobile Development
Technical Writing
Dr Muhammad Hashim G.

Dr Muhammad Hashim G.

A doctor by profession, a researcher by passion & a staunch believer in the practice of evidence based medicine and clinical research, Dr. Muhammad Hashim Ghouri is currently working in his foundation year at Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore, one of the oldest and finest healthcare setups in the country. With a noteworthy and distinctive academic background, as well as multiple co-curricular qualifications. He has very vast hands on clinical experience as well as 6 years experience in Academic Writing. In his account are numerous Research Articles as primary author and a number of Research Workshops as a Keynote speaker. As a Research Assistant, he has assisted in 5 Research proposals, 7 Theses and a number of other Academic articles. Dr. Hashim is a member of American College of Rheumatology, an Associate Member of Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons England and is also certified by The Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh. He has done Professional Academic Writing, Public Health and Biostatistics Courses from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan USA and Karolinska Institutet Sweden. Dr. Ghouri is also serving as President of Pakistan Research and Welfare Society and Chief Executive Officer of Think Tank Solutions. Besides, he is also working on Editorial positions in 3 well renowned journals and as a Peer Reviewer in 2 Medical Journals. With his broad research interests, leadership abilities, teamwork capabilities and communication skills, he is a valuable asset for any medical department. His experience in the fields of research and technical writing are an additional merit in this new era of medicine.
Academic Writing
Thesis Writing
Research Proposal Writing
Manuscript Writing
Manuscript Editing
Article Writing
creative writing
PowerPoint presentation
data analysis
Research Article Writing
Rezowanul H.

Rezowanul H.

I am associated with pharmaceutical technical writing and proofreading, reviewing, rewriting since long. I have done more than 30 projects on different topic like Different diseases, Novel drug delivery system, Drug Development etc. Apart from this I am also an professional graphic designer , having vast experience on design.
Pharmaceutical Technical Writer
graphic designer
Resume Writer
Suzanne B.

Suzanne B.

Copywriter with more than a decade of marketing experience along with scientific writing and technical writing experience. Specialties include content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, media buying and search engine campaign management, affiliate management, research, proofreading, and editing.
Technical Writing
Social Media
medical writing
media buying