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Boris A.


Russian Federation

3:00 AM


Enthusiastic web-developer. I'm leading a team of highly skilled developers, specializing on building highly interactive web services. Also writing and auditng non-standard distributed applicatons and blockchain systems. We quickly iterate from design to development. Speed and simplicity are our top priorities. In our process we utilize cutting edge technologies, adopt best practices and follow lean development approach. Core team members graduated from Southern Federal University's department of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science. We have background in applied math, financial math methods, machine learning and computer vision. Started working as freelancers and employees of local startups we gained experience and united for bigger projects. During past years we participated in numerous projects as complete outsource team. Our skills include: ● Javascript ( ES6/ES2015 via Babel ) ● CSS (with Sass, Stylus, Postcss CSS-in-JS ) ● HTML (erb/Haml/Jade/Slim/JSX) ● Ruby (Sinatra and Rails) ● Node.js (Express, Koa etc) ● React Native (iOS and Android) ● Electron





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