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Zaali K.



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I have 10+ years of working background as software developer. I have experience with many technologies such as: .NET, Ruby, Nodejs, Elixir, GraphQL, React and Angular. I have worked in various industries, gained huge experience. When it comes to concurrency and data insensitivity, where Rails and Nodejs fail. I develop super fast web apps in Elixir language with Phoenix framework. I can provide complete back-end with GraphQL with NodeJS or Elixir and front-end via Apollo Client 2.X and Relay Modern. I always loved to stay cool on front-end and always followed modern JS trends. Front-end is my comfort zone. I am big fan of real-time apps and I create them via coupling Phoenix Channels and React, I think this is fastest and enjoyable way to achieve real-timing nowadays. I strongly believe that GraphQL is future of web, but I like idea of using future technologies today, I already gained real-world experience working with GraphQL. I can provide complete GraphQL API via Absinthe (Elixir) or Apollo Server 2 perfectly stacked with Prisma. I have experience on front-end side too with Apollo Client 2.X. I can also build database first application with Postgraphile to achieve short way to GraphQL


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