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Hello, I am a frontend and backend developer with 14 years of experience. Programming languages that I use in the daily work are PHP (functional and OOP), HTML5&CSS3, Javascript, ASP.NET Core 2 Framework MVC programming, database programming (MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MongoSQL or any other NoSQL databases). I have also experience with both Windows Server administration and Linux Administration. Using PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and MS Office at the advanced level. I have also 16 years of Search Engine Optimizing, knowing best practices of search engine optimization. Following duties are mainly that I am working on: - ability to scope the programming work to the project basis, - knowing best practices when developing in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP - HTML5 and CSS3, - Jekyll static websites and blogs with Ghost, Strapi CMS or Netlify CMS, - Javascript (GatsbyJs, Angular, ReactJs, NextJs, KnockOutJs, NodeJs, SvelteJs, jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile and other open source), - Bootstrap, Foundation both pixel perfect and fluid design, - WordPress, Concrete5 CMS, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, October CMS, Expression Engine and other open source CMS, - WordPress X-Theme Pro, Elementor, Divi WP builder, custom themes and plugins, - WordPress plugin development, - WordPress Timber MVC framework and WP Emerge framework, - Responsive Design, - Creating mobile apps with Ionic Framework and PhoneGap (Android and iOS), - PHP - procedural and object oriented programming - ( Laravel-Voyager CRUD, Lumen micro-framework by Laravel, FuelPHP framework, Fat Free PHP framework ), - API integration programming, - XML and XSLT, - web data extraction using PHP and Javascript, - MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MongoDB and NoSQL database programming (database structure design and data building), - Windows Server Administration (complete administration from installation and maintenance), - Linux Server Administration (complete administration from installation and maintenance), - SEO (Search Engine Optimizing), best practices to get quick on the search engines depending on keywords competition, - shopping cart development (responsive and desktop based), - website theming and templating, - cross browser compatibility scripting, - GitHub, SVN, - Shopify Theme Development - LESS/SASS - PhotoShop & Illustrator - CorelDraw - Linux Bash Scripting (and Ansible/Puppet/Chef config management suite) and Windows Powershell scripting - Linux and Windows Server administering - Hosting Management (Various Linux Distribution installation and maintenance, Debian, CentOs, Ubuntu or other), DNS management, MySQL and PHP management, Postfix installation and maintenance, BIND maintenance. Installation of VirtualMin and WebMin control panel or cPanel and maintenance. - Windows Server 2008,2012,2016 installation and maintenance - Microsoft SQL Server, optimizing and performance tunning - Microsoft Azure administering and AWS. Eager to show knowledge upon selection. Using best practice in all work I am doing. Sincerely, Nikolaj Popovic [email protected] Skype ID: [email protected] Tel: +381638160075 Sample Of Portfolio: - CraftCMS - Magento2










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