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Stan D.



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SEEKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL TRANSLATOR FOR YOUR DOCUMENTS? I am a native French Speaker, perfectly fluent in English and Spanish , professional and passionate about my work. I have a bachelor degree in foreign languages and I am currently studying for a master's degree in Translation. I am very picky with grammar and finding the RIGHT word and have a strong commitment and understanding of deadline. With more than 7 Years experiences in translating articles on various topics, PowerPoint presentations, user manual, educational materials, technical documents and research protocols i have an ability to manually translate written documents from a source language to a target language (French, English or Spanish ) I am a Networking and telecommunications Engineer and i have a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certificate in Software Development graduated from an Microsoft App-factory (Microsoft) I am therefore a man of science. This is why I am able to manually translate all the technical documents. During translation, I care about several things: Using manual translation instead of using translations tools Choosing the most appropriate vocabularies. Choosing the most accurate structure in the target language. Making sure that the meaning is easily understandable and natural in the target language. Proofreading for spelling mistakes. Finishing before the determined deadline.






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