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Graphic designers create designs using print, electronic, and film media. Graphic designers create brochures and ads to promote products or services. They produce logos for products or businesses. They create visual designs for company reports and other print materials. Some graphic designers work on design and layout for magazines or other publications. Others work on website design. They choose the colors and images, and design the layout of the website. Graphic designers usually use computers to do their work. They begin a design project by talking to the client or supervisor. They prepare sketches or images according to the client's needs. Graphic designers draw a sample of the proposed layout, or create the layout on a computer. They present sketches and layout to the art director or client for approval. Once approved, graphic designers proceed with the project. They select the style and size of the font. Sometimes they take photos of the layout for approval by the client or supervisor. They collect all the materials and present the finished design or product to the client. In some cases, they give detailed instructions to other workers who will help with the project. Some graphic designers work in television or film. They may design the credits that appear at the beginning or end of a television show or movie. They may create storyboards for film production. Storyboards are drawings that show the sequence of the story to be developed on film.

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