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I am Tamara Eid, a lebanese based Graphic Designer. I have Graduated From Modern University For Business and Science with a certified degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University and I am offering my Services. With my talented skills, i will gain a valuable experience in your firm. I am a multi-tasking person. A good listener and a team worker. I have good communication skills both verbal and written.  3rd Winner Competition Award at peace and power Gemstones Healing Power Company.  Tasks:  *Brainstorming and mocking up design ideas  *Presenting ideas to clients  *Meeting with clients and adjusting designs to fit their needs or taste  *Projecting budgets and schedules  *Using computer software to execute designs  *Working with others, such as printers, programmers, developers or other technicians, to complete the final  Skills: *Artistic Sensibility / Creativity  *Technical Skills *Computer Skills *Analytical Skills *Adobe Creative Suite *Office Suites *Communication Ability *Problem Solving Ability *Time Management *Organization *Typography *Web Design Prototype, Wireframing and Bootstrapping *Graphic Design *Social Media Management Check. Like. Follow. Share My Portfolio:

Artistic Sensibility Creativity

Technical Skills

Analytical Skills

Office Suites

Communication Ability

Problem Solving Ability

Web Design Prototype Wireframing and Bootstrapping

graphic design

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