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Korean Data Entry Job: High Volume Work

$3000 - $10000

Hi, I have a data entry project with the following detail: Requirement: I need some native or near-native Korean data entry experts for an ongoing project with a huge volume. Process of the job: The blank forms have to be printed and filled up by hand writings only after taking the data from the source files. Then the image of the filled up forms have to be taken/captured by any good mobile phone. You have to rename the files and send to me as the final work. Rate and Payment: Per filled up form we will pay 17.5 cents or 0.175 US Dollar. Payment will be done every 15 to 30 days by bank wire transfer. Advice: If you comply with the above detail then please contact me instantly with your updated CV at my email, Skype, WhatsApp or mobile number given bellow. Contact detail: Contact person: Syed Ashraful Ferdous Email: [email protected] Skype: sumon-js-bd WhatsApp: +8801537026802 Mobile: +8801763256866

Admin & Data Entry

Korean language

data entry

Data Entry Specialist

Form filing

Image capturing by mobile phone

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