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SEO Expert and link building specialist needed

$150 - $300

I need help to build high-quality links to few of my clients websites. Links should be high quality , white hat links and safe with google . I need links with high DA and a real high quality job from a SEO genius. there are 3 websites and for each one of those websites I have about 2 - 3 keywords that needs to be targeted. To be considered for this gig please include the following: 1. Please provide your offer, a pricing breakdown for your SEO and link building services 2. Examples of your previous clients you've worked with and results 3. Your approach and process to link building 4. What your target link acquisition per month looks like for a client 5. The DA and other metrics of your links I am Looking to form a long-term relationship if you can achieve results and we have a good fit. Please apply and I will respond to more qualified candidates to chose a SEO expert to work with.



Link building

SEO Backlinks

Digital Marketing

google analytics

search engine optimization

Google Algorithm


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