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Are you passionate about writing? Do you think you are good with words and writing feels natural to you? Do ideas pop into your mind easily and frequently and you are eager to put them down into words? Are you looking for a freelance career?

If the answers to the above questions are positive, then you might want to think seriously about pursuing a career in writing. There are a number of things you might want to take into consideration before heading to a serious writing career and that’s building a resume and a portfolio for yourself. To do that, and specially if you have a full-time job right now, start slowly but steadily as a freelancer first and build your way up as a full-time writer.

Here are a few steps we suggest for creating your freelance writing career:

It’s okay to start small and be imperfect.

Your first jobs might be for small companies and with small financial returns. It doesn’t matter, because you are starting a new path and in the beginning, it’s normal to be slow. Yet, you need to be steady to gain experience. Persistence really matters. So keep that in mind and don’t give up if your first jobs are not perfect; or even done imperfectly by you.

The Benefits of Freelance Working

Practice makes perfect.

Remember this adage? There’s a truth to it and in writing, you can see its truth even more vividly. With each time you write, even with each draft you write or edit for the same purpose, you are raising your skills as a writer. It’s like a personal course for writers. Their own work teaches them how to become better if they look into it analytically and with inspection.

Have discipline.

As a freelance writer, you might think that you can work anytime you want and it is true. You can work anytime and anywhere you want, but it’s not the best idea to do so. As a writer, having discipline helps your mind get organized and conditioned to get active at a certain time and a certain place. It could be different from person to person. Some people are morning people while others have better performance during the evenings. Either way, schedule to sit for writing at the time your mind is best optimized for. Do it every day and you train your brain to move past the writers’ block quickly whenever you sit to write.

The more you read, the better you write.

It is obvious how it works. People who read a lot, have a larger lexicon. As a result, they can apply the vocabulary they have acquired in their writing more eloquently. Reading in a wider range of areas not only help with vocabulary, but with ideas and metaphors. If you know about more domains of knowledge, your mind can find associations between ideas from different fields. Therefore you can write more creatively. Wouldn’t you want that?

Create connections and maintain them.

The application of networking is not limited to the field of writing. It is helpful specifically in writing career because writers usually have introvert personalities. Moreover, the nature of their work which is done individually does not allow them to create new connections and build networks to expand their employers. That’s why they need to deliberately make an effort to create and expand their network of connections; in order to get more jobs landed. This networking could be done offline, by attending professional events. Or it could be done online, through professional networks related to writers or general networks like LinkedIn.

Working as a freelance writer might be something you think you should put off for after retirement. But it’s a very rewarding job for those who are passionate about it and have a natural talent for it. The earlier you start, the more experienced you become and sooner. So, do not procrastinate and set a goal to become a professional freelance writer now. Make a daily plan for your writing and stick to it. Don’t forget to be in touch with those who can provide you with writing jobs. Also, take advantage of freelancing sites like Perfectlancer to land your very first writing jobs.


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