What inspires architects?

From famous architecture to lesser-known art projects, architects are creative geniuses who specialize in diversifying their interests. Success requires passion, and pursuing varying interests helps foster creativity, produce new ideas, and open up conversations. With an ever-growing list of interests, understanding and appreciating the different interests of architects can be inspirational and exciting.

Through this blog post, you’ll get an inside look at seven cool interests architects should have to improve their creativity and keep themselves on board, especially if they are freelance architects and have more flexible and free times to do hobbies.

Before you go on reading, keep in mind that interests cannot be forced, and by no means do I want you to feel that way. Everyone has their own enthusiasm, and that is beautiful. 😊



Photography is a popular and powerful way to get creative juices flowing. Architects can use it for both personal and professional purposes. The architecture combines aesthetics with engineering, making it more challenging to balance the creative and technical sides of the job. One way to keep the balance is by adding photography as part of your design process or in your spare time. Architecture photography can help architects feel more inspired and motivated while they create their designs.

Architects who choose to use photography as an inspiration tool have felt an increase in their productivity. They can build up ideas more quickly, which allows them to focus on new projects. It also makes architects pay attention to the details better.

Interior Design

Interior design is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. It has been around for centuries and will continue to be so. It is crucial for architects to stay motivated and inspired by this field to keep up with the demands of the industry as they try to find their favorite styles. 

For instance, an adventurous architect takes a trip to Morocco and finds out they’re really interested in Middle-Eastern architecture and interior design. This must be their first step to exploring a new world and getting inspired for future innovations. 

Making Mood Boards


Creating mood boards is a great way to get inspiration and keep your work fresh. Mood boards teach you how different ideas and concepts can come together and give off a brand-new vibe. Making mood boards is a soothing hobby for architects that help them think outside of the box and always let new ideas in with no worries. 

The best thing about mood boards is that you can make them in different forms: physically and digitally. For example, you can create as many boards on Pinterest as you want and save different pins to each board, and that’s it! You can do it all the time whenever you feel unmotivated or out of ideas, and you will see a significant change in your mindset. To give you an idea, you can design mood boards containing your idols, favorite color palettes, and pictures of places you adore. You can also use these boards as references in the long run.

Building Technology

The construction industry is constantly changing with innovations that require architects to stay up-to-date by studying and getting to know them. They can learn about different ways of construction and the latest structure technology tools like robots, wearables, machines, and drones to use in their designs. Architects have a lot of responsibilities, especially in the field of construction. Not only must they design buildings, but they also need to ensure they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

This is why architects need to stay up-to-date with current developments in the field, whether through reading, attending conferences, or joining online communities where they can share ideas and get feedback from other professionals in their field.

Representational Drawings

Eurasian golden oriole male (Oriolus oriolus bird) illustrated by the von Wright brothers. Digitally enhanced from our own 1929 folio version of Svenska Fåglar Efter Naturen Och Pa Sten Ritade.

As an architect, it’s essential to keep your skills sharp. Figurative drawing is a great way to do so. As mentioned earlier, maintaining a balance between architecture’s creative and scientific sides is important. This is one of the things you can do to connect with your artistic side more. 

By drawing actual objects around you, you can better understand shapes and volumes, which can help visualize your ideas. It will also open your mind to new concepts. Overall, keeping in touch with drawing and sketching is a great way to express yourself. So why wait? Get your favorite pen and a piece of paper and start doodling!

Environmental design

We only have one earth to live on; therefore,  keeping resources and using materials mindfully in architectural designs is one of those important factors for architects. Architects who are interested in environmental design know how to use materials with the least damaging effects on the planet. They are aware of different materials and care about designing buildings that benefit from renewable resources to the fullest. Environmental design also helps architects keep their creativity alive by giving them new ideas for making their designs even more unique and inspiring.



Last but never least, we should hype up the power of music in affecting designers’ mindsets even more! The word ‘music’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘mousike’ meaning “the art of the muses”! The word speaks for itself. Music can help architects by acting as a muse, providing inspiration, and motivating them to keep working. I know many freelance architects who create playlists for specific projects to keep them motivated and focused! When listening to music, you can feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction that can really affect your work.


Interests come from within an individual, not from what society has told us we should like. Investing in one’s interests is essential to any successful architect, as they provide a wellspring of inspiration, new ideas and trends, and professional contacts. Alongside the mainstay interests of design and architecture, creative outlets like journaling, cooking, and walking can help bring up the creative spirit of the architect. If you invest your energy into creativity and interests outside the day-to-day routine, you can bring further vitality to your work and strengthen your connection to the design world. By doing so, you can ensure that you stay at the top of the field and create beautiful AND meaningful designs.

As a writer, I believe each person has a unique story worth being told. As an architect or a creative designer, what things have you found interesting that you find awe-inspiring? Please write in the comments below so we can have a little chat!

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