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As its name indicates, freelancing brings freedom to work without the usual employee restrictions. As a freelance worker, you are working at any time and any place for any amount of time with any number of intervals and with any client that you feel like to. In general, there are a number of benefits worth mentioning that we are going to note here.

Work from anywhere and at anytime

When you work at a full-time job, you have to wake up at a certain time (or earlier) and you get to go to work the weekdays, sit at a certain desk at a certain place and have the same certain routine every single day.

This makes life routine, dull, and without excitement. But if you work as a freelancer, you can start and finish your day anytime you feel most like it. You get to work from home, a park, or on a boat somewhere in the ocean. You have the option to pause as many times as you need between your work, which gives you the opportunity to let your mind wander and as a result think more creatively. 

Imagine working as a freelance designer from a remote cabin in the woods somewhere out of the town this week and the next week working from a beach in Malibu. How cool would that be?

work from home

You can work from dawn if you feel sleepless one day or work till late after midnight another day and sleep until noon if you feel like it. Not everyone is most productive from 9-5 and some people are nocturnal, which means their performance is highest during nighttime. 

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The more you work, the more you get paid

In a freelancing culture, you get paid fairly based on the amount of work you do. For instance, whether you want to work 10 hours a week or 10 hours a day, you can and it is within your own control and you will get paid accordingly. 

For example, language programming is one of those highly demanding careers. Working as a freelance Linux developer or Java, CSS developer, working as a freelance HTML developer or Python developer. No matter what, this is up to you how many hours you prefer to work on a project.

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Some even choose to work freelance out of their full-time jobs, in order to be able to afford their lives. That’s also an option one can consider. So either way, in a freelancing job, your payment goes up according to your expertise, your past experiences, and how much time you would want to work.

A good opportunity for jobs that require a quiet workspace

Workspace is constantly evolving and it usually doesn’t consider an individual’s personality or work type. For instance, the flat workspace works well for some jobs like sales and marketing which require employees to interact with each other constantly, but it won’t be an ideal place for a journalist or a freelance content writer who needs peace and quiet in order to focus on what they write.

home sweet office

This flat environment is also good for extroverts who enjoy socializing with their colleagues, but for an introvert, it will be a painstakingly difficult work environment. Having the option to work as a freelance writer or a freelance artist gives individuals the perfect opportunity to create their best work and be more productive.

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Work with different clients/employers and enjoy the variation

Unlike a full-time job where you usually have only one boss who does not change and you need to endure working with whether you like him or not, in a freelance job, you work with different clients with different personalities and you can choose to continue working with a client with whom you find you have most in common and stop working with a client who bothers you one way or the other. 

Aside from that, working with different people gives you resilience and flexibility to be able to get along with a wide variety of personalities and helps you in your professional life as well as your personal.

No daily commute

One of the main benefits of working remotely is that you won’t need to go to work every day. This has social benefits as well as personal ones. When you don’t commute daily to your work, you don’t lose that time in heavy traffic and you get to either rest or work at that time.

Besides, when you work remotely, you won’t contribute to the heavy traffic during rush hours. Freelancing could be a solution to the heavy traffic and air pollution of many mega cities and could revolutionize urban planning in a huge way.

Be your own boss

When you work as a freelancer you are your own boss. You decide about so many things that as a full-time employee, you don’t get to decide for. For instance, you can decide to go on a two-month vacation to a remote island and no one would need to confirm that decision.

You can even decide to work during your trip, or even more dramatically, decide to become a digital nomad, someone who wanders around the world and works remotely to pay for the kind of free lifestyle they have chosen. These are all your decisions to make and it makes life amazing to be able to decide for your own self.

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