How remote working can help your business grow

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You might have heard such sentences, “I am working remotely now!” Or “I have been traveling and working on the way!” This is because, even though remote working has been feasible in the past few decades, it has only recently become very popular. And people are taking their jobs with them wherever they travel and go. 

It’s because now we have the technology, the smartphones, laptops, the Internet and other available tools to do our work and take our office anywhere we go.

What is remote work?

Remote work is a kind of job that you can do outside a normal office and from anywhere you are. From a coffee shop next door to your bedroom to a remote beach in another continent. It is a kind of job that the employee (or here, normally the freelancer), performs irrespective of the location of the office. 

There are cases in which there is no actual office for a company, and everyone works remotely, from the owner of the business to its employees(designers, project managers, virtual assistants, etc.). This is happening more and more recently and virtual offices and virtual addresses are rising among startups.

This is helpful when you would like to live in the quiet of the suburbs for example, but your job is somewhere in downtown Manhattan and the daily commute is not practical. Or you need to work in a quiet office and your company offers a flat space for everyone to interact while working.

All these situations invite you to work remotely and if your job/your boss allows it, you get to work, from out of the office.

Remote work culture

When you work remotely, there are certain cultural properties you and your work style must have. For one thing, you should be able and do communicate regularly with your manager and your colleagues and for this, you need to have a form of access to one another, be it through a conferencing software, by calling daily or regularly or through email or chat. It doesn’t matter what the medium is as long as it doesn’t hinder your communication in any ways.

Aside from communication, you need to have a certain goal that you and your team of colleagues know about from the beginning of the job and move towards to make it happen. It can vary from one department to the next, but there should be one main goal that the whole company moves towards and that should be communicated well with all the members, especially because they are working remotely.

Tips for managing a business with remote freelancers

Of course, when you want to create a team of freelancers, you need to first have certain criteria in your mind so that when you hire them, you have collected a great team to work with you. For that matter, go for the quality and hire competent, expert freelancers so that you know your job is in good hands and you don’t need to revise the results constantly.

When you hire a freelancer, a remote one especially, spend some time to introduce the job and the general view of your goals to them and only later go on to discuss the specifics and the details of the job with them. Make sure they understand what your goal for the business is.

If you have created a brand, brief them about the brand identity, your customer persona and other details about your brand that allows them to make valid judgments and decisions when performing the job they are hired to do.

Aside from all this, you need to give your team of freelancers tasks and deadlines to perform the job on time. Set a tracking method so that you can check their performance. And give them feedback whenever possible.

Where to find remote workers

There are many platforms from which you can search and find remote freelancer workers. One of the newly emerging ones that has many great options for both clients and freelancers is Perfectlancer. At Perfectlancer, you can hire remote freelancers from different backgrounds and expertise. There are other benefits to using Perfectlancer because unlike other freelancing platforms, it doesn’t charge you with any extra fees, other than what you pay to the freelancer. Not only that, whenever one of your projects finishes you get 2% of the money you have spent on the project back as a credit that you can use on your future projects. 

Of course, you can find freelancers on other platforms but they charge you with transaction fees or services fees and they won’t offer you anything for completing a project.

Regardless of what platform you choose to hire remote freelancers with, you can benefit from hiring remote freelancers any time you start your business or if you want to redesign your business into a remote one, you can hire remote freelancers who know how to perform their jobs from out of an office.


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