Introduction to Perfectlancer Secure Payment System

secure payment

Even if your project is registered as a full time project or if you have reached an agreement with a freelancer outside Perfectlancer, using a secure payment system and making financial transactions through Perfectlancer will bring you many benefits, including ensuring that the project will be done as perfect as it could be, Bringing quality control and fraud prevention.

What is Perfectlancer Secure Payment System?

If you are an employer or business owner of any type, you certainly need services for your business from time to time. For example, you may need to design a catalog or brochure, banner or logo design for advertising, app or web design, content writing for a website, or even get graphic design services such as designing several professional posts for your Instagram page. Or you may even need a Spanish translation or translation into other languages ​​for an office or university correspondence. Many of these services are project-based and temporary. For this reason, there is no justification for hiring an employee on a permanent basis.

Outsourcing and finding companies or people outside your collection is the solution for most companies and collections to do this type of project. But working with these people and companies is not without challenges. In case you choose the wrong person or company, you have lost a lot of time and financial losses.

The main challenges that all employers and business owners face when getting professional services are the following:

  • Uncertainty about the quality of work and the final output
  • Request for advance payment from the contractor and impossibility of refund
  • Misbehavior and non-accountability of the person or company that is supposed to provide services to you.

Secure payment system: Perfectlancer Solution To Ensure Quality And Satisfaction

Using Perfectlancer secure payment system has significant benefits for employers. These benefits include the following:

  • The freelancer is obliged to edit and review the project until the result is approved by the employer.
  • Until the approval and satisfaction of the employer, the project amount will remain with the Perfectlancer secure payment system and will not be paid to the freelancer.
  • Unlike traditional methods of doing work, no amount is paid to the freelancer as an advance payment. In case the project is large and  has multiple stages to be done, the freelancer and the employer can make payments in stages.
  • If there is a dispute and the dispute between the employer and the freelancer is not resolved, Perfectlancer will be in charge of arbitrating and resolving the dispute as a reference.
secure payment

Secure Payment System Benefits for Freelancers

Perfectlancer Secure Payment is a win-win system and has many benefits for freelancers. One of the main challenges for freelancers is the uncertainty of payments and fulfillment of financial obligations. By using a secure payment, the freelancer can be sure that he / she will receive the amount by fulfilling his / her obligations and there will be no worries about payments. If you work outside the system as a freelancer and attract your customers from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other methods, you can bring your customers to Perfectlancer for more reassurance and elimination of worries about financial obligations, and use Perfectlancer secure payment system for your projects.

How to activate and use the secure payment system?

The secure payment system is activated automatically as soon as the freelancer is hired and the project starts, at the same time as creating a dedicated workdairy. Using this system is completely free for you. Even if you are communicating with a specialist through WhatsApp, Instagram, phone or other methods to do your business services, we recommend you to use Perfectlancer secure payment system. If you do your projects through Perfectlancer, the Perfectlancer secure payment system will support you until you are satisfied with the result. By inviting the project manager and doing the projects in Perfectlancer, you will use the benefits of the Perfectlancer secure payment system, and you will receive the result with confidence and without worrying about misbehavior, unprofessional behavior of the project manager and low quality.


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