How to complete profile in Perfectlancer

complete profile in Perfectlancer

If you are a freelancer on Perfectlancer or other freelance and telecommuting platforms, you may be wondering why my proposals are usually not accepted by employers or why I am not hired. If you have this problem, this article is yours.

One of the main and important reasons that the employer (or basically any company) is not willing to hire a freelancer or job seeker or outsource the project to them, is that they see the blank, incomplete or weak profile or resume of that person.

The reason we emphasize on having a good and complete profile in Perfectlancer is that you have to make employers interested in your resume and hire you, and finally be able to prove to them all the things written on the resume; In other words, by completing the profile, you increase the chances of being chosen by the employers. Another advantage of completing your profile is that you can get more high-priced projects than others and it also gives the opportunity to encourage the employer to do the next projects only with you.

A resume is a two- or three-page summary about you, your skills, accomplishments, work experience, and education that aims to attract the employer. To sum up, whenever we want to create a resume, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of an employer who reviews the resumes.

*** Don’t forget to ask previous employers and colleagues to give feedback on your skills. Perfectlnacer let you know to build your profile using data outside platform. We undrestand that you may be a skilled professional, but new to Perfectlancer. In order to add some positive feedback to your profile and to enhance your profile you can use the feedback request link in your portfolio. 

Complete your profile!

All the freelancers on Perfectlancer have a resume on their profile page, which includes sections on general information, completed projects, comments, services, and portfolios:

perfectlancer profile

Choosing a suitable profile picture

If you are an employer, would you prefer to work with someone who has a landscape nature photo as their profile picture or someone who has a photo of themselves? The second case is actually more likely, so choose a suitable photo (like your own photo) for your profile, because according to surveys, employers prefer a resume with a personal image to a profile that has no image or an unrelated one.

perfectlancer profile picture


Profile details

My Personal Information

In the My Personal Information field, enter your first name and last name accurately. Your full name will not be displayed publicly to other people.

profile information

My Skills

This section contains a series of information about yourself, giving your employer an overview of you. The skills section, which is one of the most important parts of a resume in Perfectlancer, connects you to the employer; How? Well, the notification or email that is sent to you from our site when you submit the project, is in accordance with the skills that you have mentioned in your resume. Therefore, mention your skills in this section, accurately and completely.


About Me

In the About Me section, gather the most effective and most valuable words in your resume into two or three sentences and then, write them down in the resume as an explanation. This section has nothing to do with social media biographies (bios). Here, you have to think differently and introduce yourself in a different way.

Issues in which you have general information or your personal behaviors or interests which are not really related to your profession, should not be written down in the resume. Also do not include personal information such as height, weight and religion, etc. in the resume. Follow the grammar and spelling rules in your resume and try to avoid making mistakes in these cases.

perfectlancer about


Education And Work Experience

In the Education field, note that not all academic records are required for a resume. If your level of education is at the doctoral level, only write about the doctorate and the master’s degree.

Also, if you have gone to university and have at least a post-graduate degree, completely forget about the previous records.

In the Work Experience section, first of all, you should pick out some work experience that is very close to the new job opportunity. Finally, three or four are enough.

perfectlancer education

Work experiences



This is one of the most important parts of your profile, which unfortunately is often overlooked. Employers are very interested in reviewing portfolios before outsourcing the project so if you fill in this section your proposals will be more likely to be accepted by the employers and they eventually hire you. Make sure to take this section seriously and if you have typing, translation, content production, graphic design, website design, etc. work samples, upload them on this section.


portfolio perfectlancer

As easy as this, you can have a complete and interesting profile on Perfectlancer and increase your chances among other freelancers, to get a project and also getting hired by an employer.


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