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Over the past year, we have seen the rapid growth of remote working in the world of work. There is no doubt that we have been seeing a massive shift to a virtual workspace and an increasing trend in the number of employees who go freelance. This statement would be proper not only for the workspace but also for the educational system. We have seen a new management and operations level, partnership, workforce, teamwork, communication, and adaptability.

In this article, we would like to talk more about this extraordinary change and its effects on the field of work and the workforce. Moreover, we would also go deeper and discuss the benefits of going freelance in 2022.

The revolution of “remote working”

According to Deloitte, the coronavirus and its impact on the work and economy is a time machine to the future. Changes many of us predicted would happen over decades are taking place in weeks.

Over the previous months, employees have seen tons of adjustments regarding their tasks, work hours, team meetings, and other relevant stuff. As a consequence, there was no wonder that job schedules became more flexible in 2020, and remote workstyle was becoming the norm. Employers, on the other hand, tried to make this environment more feasible for their workforces.

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While the coronavirus pandemic is not a globally positive experience, many employees have adapted to remote working in the era of lockdown. Employees are more passionate about working from home by the time, even though they have reported less efficiency and productivity over their tasks. These employees also desire to continue remote work for the rest of their careers. As a result, the tendency to go freelance would also be increased.

But behind the state of “Remote Working,” there are still a lot of statements that we can challenge. Remote work means you need to answer specific phone calls from your boss, not only for a particular period. But it is also about all day long! Working remotely means being available at any time that your employer would like to—no matter whether you are taking care of your sick sister who had her Covid-19 test positive. You need to be available for your job!

According to the current situation, there is no need to worry anymore. You can change this concept to your advantage. If you have started to think about having your empire by working as a freelancer and being your own boss by going freelance, you are in the right place. But like any other challenges and their risk factors, you need to also consider the risk of unstable financial resources for the first couple of months of start. But of course, this is worth it.

Rock your goals as a freelancer!


Over this life-changing period that we are experiencing, starting a career as a professional freelancer is not just a choice. For instance, to start as a freelance web developer, social media manager, or any other type. The uncertainty of the world of work is one of the first and the most salient triggers that encouraged many of us to look at the freelancing lifestyle.

There are a lot of reasons which are proven the benefits and the advantages of a freelancing lifestyle. Such as having cool workspaces, having no office politics, higher earning potential, the opportunity to choose the clients, and the chance to grow the network.

The following list will show you the significant changes in the freelancing world. These improvements will briefly show why you would better go freelance from now on and why today is an excellent time to start.

Increased demand!

These days we can see the increasing execution of small businesses. Unlike in the past, when the demand for hiring a professional was only for a big company or a huge project, small businesses would like to potentially inject power into their business by hiring an expert freelancer. These small businesses are increasingly looking for responsive and flexible talents.

Increased stability!

Freelancing has always been viewed as an unstable career choice. Having an unpredictable income and not qualifying for kinds of stuff like health insurance were some of the empty spaces of freelance workstyle in the past. But many changes are happening thanks to the support network. For instance, the Freelancer’s Union is helping to build more structure for freelancers. They provide affordable health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and so on.


Increased salary!

For a long time, working as a freelancer (i.e., as a freelance blogger) was seen as a skip or a jump away from unemployment. This blogger had to work mostly with no paycheck to gain some exposure. But it did not take long for the changes to come up. There is a growing trend of highly skilled freelancers, and the pay for freelancers is rising. For instance, a report from MBO Partners found that one in five freelancers earns over $100,000 per year.

Increased reward!

In the past, some of the best freelance jobs were in the hand of big cities. For instance, if you wanted to be a freelance writer, it was widely accepted that you must move to a bigger city. But living in such cities is no longer necessary to find a wealth of professional opportunities.

Increased platforms!

A decade ago, some people may have been interested in the freelance lifestyle. But they would have had no idea how to find those freelance jobs. Perfectlancer is one of the freelancing platforms which could provide you a chance to hire a freelancer from all around the world. And in 2021, the freelancing platform should begin treating freelancers like valuable customers. Instead of treating freelancers like commodities, the freelance trend for 2021 will shift to community support and providing resources.

If you are still not convinced, you can feel reassured that you will be part of one of the biggest trends in the last few years by going freelance. Some even predict that by 2027, most of the workforce will be made up of freelance workers. So, why not get ahead of the game?

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