In short, yes. It’s hard to draw anime; since our brains get engaged the most while drawing, the concept of drawing is hard. Our brains convert anything we see as a whole, and our eyes don’t create an actual image of what we draw. Therefore, drawing seems to be hard to process.

The main reasons why it’s hard to draw anime are:

  • Observational skills
  • Knowledge of perspective
  • Excellent technique and practice
  • Understanding of what you’re drawing

What skills do you need to be an animator?

Drawing may be hard since knowledge about techniques and basic principles is required. Some drawing aspects complying with them differentiate pros from beginners and must be considered in drawing anime. These are the fundamentals of drawing. The lack of them makes you wonder how hard is it to make anime. Of course, you can always hire an anime artist to draw what you have in mind for you, anyways, we will explain these aspects briefly below:


Perspective refers to how we see everything depending on our point of view. The main point is that we could better represent what we see as a matter of course, so our brain tends to draw everything like it has two dimensions, not three.  


Form refers to narrowing down any subject you draw into basic shapes like cylinders, squares, and triangles. For example, if you know how to draw a cylinder from any perspective, you will draw an arm from any perspective.

Line control

Line control is more of a physical skill, and by having line control, your lines in drawing won’t be crooked. It’s all about controlling your hand to do what you’re thinking.


The value represents light and dark; adding value to drawing will give your drawings more depth and look real and natural.

Correctly seeing

Correctly seeing: As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, correctly seeing is the most important thing when drawing. You can know everything about drawing, but all your drawings will represent an incorrect reference if you see things incorrectly. 

How long does it take to draw anime?

The time it takes to draw anime depends on some factors: Experience: The amount of experience you have with it affects how long it takes to draw your artwork. It’s all about how long you’ve been drawing anime. Some artists are able to draw their artwork in just a few hours, while others can take days or weeks. The more time and effort you invest in learning the basics of drawing, the better your results will be.

Knowledge and skill set 

Drawing anime characters and human figures is a skill that requires extensive knowledge and a skill set. The amount of time it takes to draw an anime character depends on how much knowledge and skill set about the basics of drawing anime and human figures the artist has. 

The complexity and the details of the drawing

When it comes to the details of the drawing in anime, it can highly affect how much time it takes to draw them. This is because when you draw an anime character, you are actually drawing a lot more than just one line. You are drawing every single detail that makes up that character’s face and body. The more details you add to your drawings, the longer it will take for you to finish them.

The kind of color and paper

The kind of color you use and what type of paper you are using all impact how long it takes to draw anime.

It might take up to months for a beginner to learn how to draw one frame, but it can take less time for someone with more experience and knowledge. According to the quotes of anime artists, it takes 2-4 hours for a beginner anime artist. For more experienced anime artists, it takes less than an hour to 1.5 hours to come up with an idea and draw anime characters. 

Where to start drawing anime

If you are new to drawing anime, the best place to start is by learning about the basics of anatomy. This includes understanding how to draw hands, feet, and head shapes and how to draw facial features like eyes and noses.

It’s also important to have a good drawing routine. You should be able to draw without overthinking the process of drawing. That way, you can focus on the artwork and not get distracted by all the technicalities of how you are doing it. Some people like to start with simple shapes, such as circles or squares, while others prefer starting with more complicated ones, like human figures or animals.

To draw anime, you need to learn to draw in perspective and learn about value. Drawing in perspective means understanding how the shape of your drawing looks from different angles and how it changes.

Drawing anime is a skill that requires practice and patience. There are many different styles to choose from. The style you start with depends on your preference and what you think would be the best for your skillset.

And finally, making drawing anime a fun and new experience will make you fall in love with it.

What software should I use to draw anime?

Clip Studio Paint by CELSYS

According to Okuha, Clip Studio Paint is the best art software for anime and manga artists. If you wonder if drawing manga is hard, it’s not anymore with the help of software like Clip Studio Paint.

Some fantastic features of Clip Studio Paint are:

  • Made by a Japanese company specifically for the anime and manga art industry.
  • 3D tools.
  • Quick toolbar to ease the application of base color, cel shading, halftones, etc.
  • Reference window to modify how the reference image is viewed.
  • Features to create manga panels, animation, comics, webtoons, etc.
  • Various realistic pencils and inking brushes.
  • Ready-made halftones for manga drawing.
  • Fantastic brush mechanics with almost unlimited tweaking options.
  • All the handy features that anime and manga artists may require.


ProCreate is an IPad excluded software and the best anime drawing app for on-the-go drawing. 

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful tools
  • Incredible brushes
  • Specifically designed as portable drawing software


Krita is a free-to-use and open-source art software. It’s one of the best free anime and manga art software with various features for anime and manga artists.

Medibang Paint

Medibang Paint is one of the best free-to-use anime and manga art software, but it also offers MediBang Premium as a subscription service.

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