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Hire a Copywriter:

The Ultimate Guide in June 2024

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Copy writer freelancers

Chapter 1
Copywriting explanation
Copywriting explanation
Chapter 2
Benefits of hire a copywriter for your business
Benefits of hire a copywriter for your business
Chapter 3
Copywriting as a career
Copywriting as a career

Hiring a copywriter is one of the best decisions you can make to boost your sales efforts. We at Perfectlancer gathered thousands of top-rated freelance copywriters who are ready to help your business. In this part we want to help you to choose the best copywriter who can be a perfect match to your needs. First things first, what is copywriting and who is a copywriter?

Chapter 1:
Copywriting explanation

What is copywriting?

How to make a good copy?

What is a copywriter job description?

Copywriting explanation

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting primarily focused on delivering a direct, short-term message with big returns: generating sales. A copywriter job is simply to make written copy for business and its marketing efforts. Copywriting is simply a process of writing advertising promotional tools or materials.

What is Copywriting?

Have you ever seen a text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and so on? They are the exact examples of the copywriter responsibilities. They are not the editorial writers; copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action. Hiring a copywriter is a crucial step and action to the purchase for a product, service, or company. Just to be sure that, this is different with Content Writing!

Content writing includes blog posts, social media posts, emails, e-books, and other materials. In other words, hiring a content writer would help to educate, entertain, and inform your audience about a given topic.

What Do Copywriters Do?

Based on all the things, which is mentioned by now, copywriting, is salesmanship in print and content creation. That is, instead of a sales representative selling a product or service, you have words… words on a page, in an advertisement or email, on a billboard, a product page on Amazon or WordPress website and so on. Copywriters get paid to create attractive, engaging copies. They are professional writers (in fact, they are among the highest paid writers on the planet).

What Do Copywriters Do?

When you are hiring a copywriter, you would believe they can write for anyone. There are digital copywriters, corporate copywriters, freelance copywriters, weight loss copywriters, and so on. It helps to specialize, so keep that in mind as you work on your copywriting career.

Chapter 2:
Benefits of hire a copywriter for your business

How hiring a copywriter can help businesses?

Copy could add value to your business specially if you are considering a better presence in online space

Guide to hire a copywriter, decision making and interview questions

How much it costs to hire a freelancer vs full time copywriter

ROI calculation of hiring

Benefits of hire a copywriter for your business

6 Benefits of hiring a Copywriter


Will help you to go through your specific marketing strategy and make your own marketing content.

Provide the greatest marketing tool for your business because it would be easier to promote your business through that.



Give you the chance to present the right materials for your relevant audience, despite the printed copywriting, the online services which are the webpages should be exact things that your readers want.

Increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. By the way you can consider to hire a SEO specialist as well.



Will be blending with your website’s design, in case that your texts and pictures will be communicating on the same page with your content.

Last but certainly not least, hiring a copywriter gives texts a professional impression.


6 Reasons Why You Really Should Use a Copywriter


You are too close to your business, product, or service, which means, you might be an expert on your field but not on marketing your product. Better to outsource your copy job to an expert

Your time is valuable, you don’t have time to focus on your web and marketing priorities by yourself.



You will have your own fresh content each time. Google search engine doesn’t like to see the duplicate content, even if you’re doing that from your own previous content

You will gain the maximum benefits with the minimum fees; a copywriter fees could be more proper for you!



You are not a copywriter, but there are best of them in our freelancing platform. Our freelancers probably are not expert on your field of business, but they are bests of bests on writing and content creation.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Copywriter for Your Business?


In 2020, the average cost for website copywriting services is $25 to $25,000 per page. This broad price range results from several factors. Such as:

6 Reasons Why You Really Should Use a Copywriter

Content, Page length and Topic. complexity of the content would have the direct effect on the cost and prize that a hired copywriter should go through that

Skill, Experience; such as how much you need to hire a copywriter and what kind of expertise or additional skills, they might have

Background of your copywriter or copywriting agency. In some cases, your copywriter, needs to do some research about your relevant content literature

Deadline which is regard to the situation that you want to have your work to be done sooner, you need to pay the “rush fee” amount

How Much You Should Expect to Pay a Professional Copywriter

3 PANEL BROCHURES$800 - $1,300
WEBSITE COPY$200 - $500 per page
PAY-PER-CLICK(PPC) AD$50 - $200 per ad
DIRECT MAIL LETTER$1,500 - $5,000
SALES LANDING PAGE$4,500 - $10,000

However, what if you are busy and don’t have time to do it by yourself. Nothing to be worried about. We, at Perfectlancer gathered an army of talented copywriters from all around the world.

You can easily hire a freelancer on our website in a few simple clicks. Our freelancers are working from all around the world and have low to zero office costs and overhead. These can be a great cost saving opportunity, which increase your business competitiveness by lowering costs of HR. Our freelancers compete together to offer you the best service with an incredibly reasonable price. You can hire a freelance copywriter to build your amazing website in just a few clicks.

What you can expect in return after hiring a copywriter

Meanwhile, they’d help you to have a balance about your business’s ROI or return on investment. In a way, the return of an investment will be divided by its cost. There are other ROI factors which needs to be considered:

What you can expect in return after hiring a copywriter

1Transaction costs




5Other ideas cost that you didn’t consider them

Calculating the sales from the business line in the months prior to the marketing campaign launching is what our freelancers will do for your ROI. As a result, it becomes:

(Sales Growth - Average Organic Sales Growth - Marketing Cost) / Marketing Cost = ROI

Example:we have a company that averages 4% organic sales growth and they run a $10,000 campaign for a month. The sales growth for that month is $15,000. As mentioned, 4% ($600) of that is organic based on historical monthly averages. The calculation goes:

($15,000 - $600 - $10,000) / $10,000 = 44%

In this example, taking out organic growth only dropped the number from 50% to 44%, but that is still stellar by any measure.

At the end, I should mention, the middle of the marketing ROI bell curve is typically a 5:1 ratio, with exceptional ROI being considered at around a 10:1 ratio. Anything below a 2:1 ratio is considered not profitable.

So, in the context of copywriting, if you want to hire a freelance copywriter with $200 payment, you would expect to have a revenue growth of $600. A website which doesn’t have good copywriting content can reach $100, while if it’s being more optimized, it would reach a high rate in changing the website’s visitors numbers to the customers. A professional copywriter can boost your business content and reach your web to more than 50%.

Hiring phase: Full-time vs freelancer

You could hire a full-time employee or a freelance copywriter expert to build and maintain your website content. The table below could give you a better perspective on this issue.

FreelancerFull time employee
Worldwide reach. You will not be limited to your local market.Local reach. You will have to choose from experts in your local region
No long-term contract- Pay as you go modelLong term contract and relationship
Maximum flexibility lower flexibility

There is no surprise why more companies tend to work with freelancers and more employees leave their 8 to 5 jobs and choose the freedom of working as a freelancer day after day. According to gig economy data as of now over 64 million us workers are freelancers. This number is expected to grow to over 90 million freelancers just in us by 2028.

Interview Questions to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

These three simple questions will serve as a basis to help you identify candidates with the appropriate business writing skills.


What is the difference between imply and infer?

This type of question enables you to get a handle on a candidate’s understanding of grammar and usage. How much they are familiar with the relevant vocabulary of your specific content.


What editorial reference guides have you worked with?

If a writer has business experience, she/he should be familiar with publications such as the AP Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style. When a writer is in the habit of conforming to a particular editorial style, the writing will have greater consistency and discipline.


Describe three important SEO copywriting practices.

Search engine optimization is a critical component of content for web pages, blog posts, online press releases and HTML versions of white papers and brochures. If your writer doesn’t understand the fundamentals of SEO copywriting, you should say goodbye to your ranking list.

Chapter 3:
Copywriting as a career

How to start freelancing as a copywriter

Skills need to learn

Job search process

Tips for freelancers: How to become a professional copywriter

Looking to make art with words as a career? Freelance copywriting is calling!

Copywriting as a career

Skills You Need to Be a Freelance Copywriter.


2Understanding Basic Psychology and Decision-Making

3Networking and People Skills


The only thing you need is a computer and an Internet connection and the most important one is that, you should never forget to use the best SHAPES:

Put their Signature on content, which means it has to be original on the content that they have tried to provide. Believing in what you are producing and being unique about it.

Have the brightest content in Headline, because there are 80% people who are reading the headlines and only 20% will read the rest of our content. The A/B tests could be the best way to engage me about a headline

Your content should be Actionable and Productive. Readers need to apply them in real world not in your fancy brain’s world

Productivity mobile apps

Make Engagement with the most creative pictures

Evidence makes you trustworthy. Always have the Sources at the end of the content

Skills You Need to Be a Freelance Copywriter

How to become a top-notch freelance writer

Now we can have a quick shot on freelancer experiences before we go deeper on this concept. This is the story of “How did I become a freelance copywriter with no experience?”

If you would like to know how to become a freelance copywriter (with no experience), you might want to read this story. We will share a bit of that, and explain exactly how to get started with copywriting.

Some years ago, I quit my job and became a freelance copywriter. While things moved slowly at first, I believed that seasons would come and change the time. Which means I will be in my right place as soon as possible. I have started to build my freelance copywriting business using the internet while living, working and traveling around the world. When I was younger, I always had this dream to be a backpacker and have a journey all around the world, but I would not make it true, if I wanted to work 8 hours per a day at a cold office! I have changed my work style. Instead of sales calls and face-to-face meetings, I used email and Skype to make relationships and build a brand that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes! This is a true story. In addition, despite rarely meeting clients in person, they all pay my high fees for email copywriting.

Therefore, life is good for me as you heard. Why do I mention all this? To show you the amazing possibilities that come with being a freelance copywriter. Gone are the old ways… If you do not want a job, you do not have to have a job. If you learn how to produce attractive copies like the one I did, you will be able to enjoy the same freedom I do.

As a freelance writer, you need to be familiar with these terms

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Without SEO, it is impossible for businesses to show their products and services to their potential audiences.

You might think of a search engine as a website you visit for finding an answer for your question. You have had your question for a long time. Suddenly you decide to enter it into a slot (aka search bar) of a search engine which could be Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex or whatever search engine you're using that replies with a long list of links to web pages that could potentially be relevant to your specific question.

The results that you see on SERP are no magic. Those are the result of an algorithmic query, which is trying to provide the best experience for you as a user. That is why you as a writer need to know about the SEO rules, variables and its latest updates.

The O part of SEO—optimization, is where the people who write all that content, such as freelancers and put it on their sites are gussying that content and those sites up so search engines will be able to understand what they're seeing, and the users who arrive via search, such as the clients, will like what they see. This O stands for optimization and it is the most important element of the search query.

seo banner
engage banner

Keyword density

Keyword density which is a foundational concept of search engine optimization (SEO). My dear freelancer or copywriter friend, it’s important to understand how keyword density works.

Keyword density can have a direct impact on your site content's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). It refers to the number of times a keyword appears on a given webpage or within a piece of content as a ratio or percentage of the overall word count. Somehow it will be known as the number of the time that specific keyword would appear on the website or on the other hands, the frequency of the word.

E-A-T and the google algorithm

E-A-T “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness” is a concept Google first published in its 2014 edition of the Search Quality Guidelines. According to the guidelines: “For all other pages that have a beneficial purpose, the amount of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) is very important.”

google banner

Copywriter as a career, Freelancing as a lifestyle

man working with laptop

1Work your way as a freelancer

2Get familiar with different businesses and build a long-term relationship with clients

3Increase your income as our experience and relationships grow

Where to Find Freelance Jobs

You can find clients in many places. Local newspapers, Job ad sites and local events could be some good lead generation sources. In addition, you can find and work with your clients at Perfectlancer. This will bring more security and benefits for you as a freelancer.

Do not wait. Start your journey with Perfectlancer. Become a freelance copywriter today and start building your career.
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