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How to Hire a Top WordPress Developer in July 2024?

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system (aka CMS). It first released in 2003 as a basic blogging engine. Since then it has become a full-feature fully customizable website creation tool used by millions of individuals, businesses and organizations around the world. WordPress can be downloaded free at and installed anywhere is the backbone for an entire website. As an open source platform, all of its code and files are free to use, customize and enhance. Nowadays WordPress powers extremely elaborate creative and corporate websites, simple blogs and everything in between.

powerful features

A powerful templating system simplifies the process of content management and web development.

search engine friendly link structures.

Over 54000 of free and paid plug-ins.

Customizable and very user-friendly system.

What is WordPress?

For businesses, WordPress is an extremely versatile technology that helps them maintain content, engage in social media, perform well in search engines and minimize out of house costs.

Why you should use WordPress to build your business website

Cost wise benefits: it is free to use. This is why startup, small and medium sized businesses and personal bloggers love it.

Flexibility and ease of use

No coding required. DIY web design and maintenance are easily possible

Tons of themes and plugins.

Customizable design.

SEO friendliness: WordPress link structure and its free plugins makes it much easier to show up in SERP.

Multi user and assigning access levels: you can easily assign access to different people in your team. You can even hire a freelance content writer and grant access to that person to update content on your blog without compromising your website security by setting different permission levels.

Why you should use WordPress to build your business website

What you could use WordPress for

Personal blog: fashion blog, lifestyle blog, life journal and so.

Business website: small business blog, real estate agency website, consulting business and ...

Build a membership website: membership services

Ecommerce and online shopping website: using free WooCommerce platform makes it a great choice for online shops, drop shipping platforms and service marketplaces

What you could use WordPress for

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

The cost to build a website with WordPress varies and depends on the complexity of your website project. Here is a breakdown of cost to make a basic WordPress website up and running:

1Domain registration: $12 per year

2Hosting cost per month: $8 - $30

3A premium theme: $39- $150

4Paid premium plugins: $10 - $200

Therefore, the total cost for having a basic WordPress up and running is roughly $157 - $722 in the first year. This estimate is considering you do some DIY and put together elements to build your website yourself. Nevertheless, what if you are busy and do not have time to do it by yourself. Nothing to be worried. We at Perfectlancer gathered an army of talented WordPress developers from all around the world. Feel free to hire a freelancer by browsing a big pool of top freelance talents from all around the world.

Our freelancers are working from all around the world and have low to zero office costs and overhead. They compete together to offer you the best service with an incredibly reasonable price. You can hire a freelance WordPress developer to build your amazing website in just a few clicks.

Guide to hire a WordPress designer

8 common WordPress errors you can expect from a top WordPress developer to fix:

Guide to hire a WordPress designer

1Plugin not worked fully or as expected

2404 error and other error pages

3Fixing website speed

4Image optimization and fixing broken links

5500 internal server errors

6Fixing white screen error of death (WSoD)

7Syntax error / parse error

8Being unable to access admin panel or to your domain email

Skills you should look in to hire a freelance WordPress developer

High expertise of WordPress themes, plugins and …

Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS

PHP, My SQL and other back-end technologies

Familiarity with Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and SEO fundamentals

Should I hire a full-time employee or a freelance WordPress developer?

You could hire a full-time employee or a freelance WordPress expert to build and maintain your website. The table below could give you a better perspective on this issue.

FreelancerFull time employee
worldwide reach. You will not be limited to your local market.Local reach. You will have to choose from experts in your local region
Lower hiring and overhead costs Higher overhead due to tax, insurance and hiring costs
No long-term contract- Pay as you go modelLong term contract and relationship
Maximum flexibility lower flexibility

There is no surprise why more companies are moving toward hiring freelancers and remote workers. In addition, more employees leave their 8 to 5 jobs and choose the freedom of working as a freelancer day after day. According to data as of now over 64 million US workers are freelancers. This number expected to grow to over 90 million freelancers just in us by 2028. (source)

What you need to know before moving on to hiring a freelance WordPress developer

14 interview questions that help you to choose and hire a WordPress developer:

What you need to know before moving on to hiring a freelance WordPress developer

1How many years of experience do you have in web development?

2Which CMS’s or programming languages you know?

3How many WordPress websites have you developed before?

4How can you create a static homepage in WordPress without using any plugins or themes?

5What is your experience in Js framework?

6Have you worked in an agile work environment before?

7How familiar are you with back-end technologies like Php and My SQL?

8How familiar are you with SEO and optimization of my website for search engines?

9Which tools do you use to check the speed and other performance metrics of a WordPress website?

10How long will you take to develop my website?

11How you could help me to choose the right theme and plugins?

12Do you have any plan for maintenance and updates of my website?

13Will the website you build load fast? How can you increase the price?

14How can you make it possible for me to manage and maintain my website?

In addition to all these, your website still needs to found and seen on the web and to your potential customers. This is where SEO becomes handy. You can hire an SEO expert to help you optimize your website for google and other search engines.

How to become a freelance WordPress designer

Have you ever considered joining thousands of every day growing freelance web designers? Do you know you can start making money as a freelance WordPress designer?

WordPress as a career

Work your way as a freelancer

Get familiar with different businesses and build a long-term relationship with clients

Increase your income as our experience and relationships grow

WordPress as a career

Potentials and opportunities as a freelancer

Income potential: Your income level could grow significantly, as your experience grows. In addition to new customers, our previous clients also will need some upgrades and maintenance on their websites over time. Building a healthy professional relationship with those clients will have a positive impact on your earning potential.

Work on your terms:Your job is to deliver websites to your clients. You can do it from your sofa at home, the comfort of a hotel room or any other place around the world. The only thing you need is a computer and a stable connection to the internet. As a freelance web designer, you can escape the 9-5 race and work at your own terms.

Where to find freelance jobs

You can find clients in many places. Local newspapers, Job ad sites and local events could be some good lead generation sources. In addition, you can find and work with your clients at Perfectlancer. This will bring more security and benefits for you as a freelancer.

Do not wait. Start your journey with Perfectlancer. Become a freelance WordPress developer today and start building your career.