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Tips to Hire a Mobile App Developer in June 2024

Why app development is important?

What to look when hiring a freelance app developer?

How to work and what to expect from a mobile application developer?

Post mobile app project

Chapter 1
Hire a mobile app developer
Chapter 2
How to become an app developer

Smartphones origin and Mobile App Development

Hire a mobile app developer is a new term. In the first years of business marketing development, some companies realized the necessity of having their websites to represent the product or their services. They were smart enough to realize the leverage that internet appearance can give them. Therefore, they started to focus on their websites and optimize their search engine appearance through Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines.

Back in the time content writing and link building was all needed. However, after a while, through the passage of the time, these procedures were not enough. The presentation’s screens got smaller and handier. The users were not patient enough to surf the websites or blogs for reaching one definition or example for their needs. The world changed on April 3, 1973, when the first smartphones made on when Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival telecommunications company and informed them he was speaking via a mobile phone.

New challenges were coming. The popularity of smartphones and tablets increased. Therefore, a new thing became more and more on demand. Mobile application development was becoming an increasingly popular medium of software creation. At first steps, these creations are based on the traditional roots. The result, however, was software intended to utilize the unique features and hardware of mobile devices. IOS and Android, the two famous poles of these creations found. The bipolar world of the software’s smartphone is obvious now. Both platforms have their own dominants for developing the application. It is impossible to ignore one platform and develop on another. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is another one, which is more specific and more usable for personal computers.

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you may need to have mobile versions for your business. Here we want to show you, how you can find your specialist who is an expert on all these platforms and what are the procedures to hire the best mobile app developer.

Chapter 1:

Hire a mobile app developer

Mobile Apps becoming a familiar notion.

Opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Why it is important to invest on mobile users.

How to hire an application developer.

What to expect from your mobile app developer.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software, somehow the same as coding for computers, but with some differences. The trend of mobile development wants to take advantage of incremental popularity and unique features and hardware of mobile devices.

Opportunities came with this new trend

Industries can benefit a lot from this new shift to mobile devices. The mobile app section of the gaming industry became a very lucrative business from many individuals and small gaming studios who started to develop games for mobile users. Mobile platforms became the most significant segment of the video game industry as smartphones expanded the gaming market beyond consoles and personal 2019, global mobile game revenue grew to $68.5B. According to the relevant researches, this amount would be increasing to more than $76.7B by the end of 2020.

Mobile users found having a handy control over the racing game and a competition only by switching their hand to the left or right interestingly. Regarding this fact, there is no surprise mobile games became a huge competition to console games, while there is evidence, out of the 792K publishers’ applications on both Apple’s App store and Google play, more than 108K of them are game publishers. This number will expand to 15% of the whole amount.

This increasing trend would continue to have an effect on the outpace growth on PC and Console games by the end of 2020, which will finally result in a shrinking PC and Console game market share dipping below 20%. Researchers anticipated, by the end of 2022, mobile and tablet gaming will account for close to 50% of the overall gaming market.

But it would be interesting to know, the vast majority of these percentages belong to Asia with more than 47% gaming market. After that, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and finally Latin America, have the other percentages from this market.

According to App Annie, the below list is the top 10 mobile games worldwide from 2019:

1 Free Fire (Garena)

2PUBG Mobile (Tencent)

3Subway Surfers (Kiloo)

4Color Bump 3D (Good Job Games)

5Fun Race 3D (Good Job Games)

6Run Race 3D (Good Job Games)

7My Talking Tom 2 (Outfit7)

8Homescapes (Playrix)

9Stack Ball (Azur Interactive Games)

10Call of Duty: Mobile (Activision)

Revenue Growth Trend for your mobile application investment:


Over 25% of iOS App developers earn over $5,000 from their app, while only 16% of the Android App developers are able to make anywhere around $5,000 from their play store application. This is your first tip. Although there is a doubtable situation between these two platforms, choosing the best one for your game application, can change your market.

In-App Purchase

Which mostly apply for gaming apps, such as Candy Crush which makes over $800,000 every day through in-app purchases. Moreover, Clash of Clan game earned more than 848 million euros all with the help of in-app purchase


In-app advertisement is another shot to earn money from the applications. You can also try to have an agreement about sponsorship advertisement with some relevant companies for your market beyond the application

Subscription Model

Such as Netflix app which has been able to generate over $11B in revenue for their monthly, annually or other different type of subscription that they would offer to their users.

App Fixation

out of the two options of Native vs Hybrid app, the Hybrid one gives you this chance to have your app on more than one screen such as Smart Tvs. This opportunity can bring more users to your business market more than in the past.


The other important point about launching a game application, is the location and the group target. For instance, Free Fire game which is one of the popular top 10 games in worldwide, launched their application in Brazil, where the market for this type of games were wider than others. They design their product features based on the culture, language and etc. The game accounted for 44.5 percent of the $231.4 million in adjusted revenue.

On the other hand, a GPS app like google map is solving navigation and location finding problems for many users. Over 77% of mobile owners regularly use navigation applications. Google Maps (67%) is the most popular navigation app by a wide margin.

If you have the navigation apps, there is no wrong turn anymore and you need to say goodbye to all those paper maps or drive around aimlessly until you find the right route. Regarding the research survey, users prefer the Google Map rather than any other applications such as Waze or Apple Map because they claim that, they can easily find their direction while the application features are easy to follow and moreover this app is user friendly than the other once.

The recent changes of the Google Map which is increasingly more interesting than any other options, is the Live alternative. In some streets you can follow your route by the live direction of your target destination. All you need is just scroll or push your smartphone screen!

As you can see, the businesses markets are growing not even beyond the websites, but also application has a significant role in this trade. 42% small businesses already have a mobile app, and the other percent are willing to develop their app. For example, a company such as Touch of Modern, after they launched their app, they saw a massive growth from 30,600 orders to 131,000 orders as an ecommerce website. In other words, 70% of total sales come from mobile devices and two-third of those mobile sales come from the application.

Having a mobile-friendly website is just a start for your business. You may need to invest more on cellphone users and apps if you are looking for bigger ROI.

What Does a Mobile App Developer do?

Mobile developers are in fact software developers. They specialize in mobile technology such as building apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms. As mentioned before, the two main poles of these platforms forced the developers to have a name as Android developer or iOS developer, for himself or herself. Mobile developers learn the programming languages and software development environment for their chosen platform. Currently, there are a handful of major mobile platforms, each with its own core language(s) and development environment (e.g. Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS and C# for Windows Phone), which can change during the time and facing with the new technologies.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile Apps

1World Changes Based on Mobile Applications

2Accessible at Any Time

3Convenient Service and Sales

4Apps Boost Interest

5A Larger, Younger Audience

6Increasing Trend of Promoting the Customers

7Proper for Representing in Social Area

8Mobile Apps Offer On-The-Go Marketing

9Real-Time Rich Data Capture

10Satisfy with the Services of Applications

For recap, in 2020, where all the famous and huge or small and newborn companies and businesses have their own applications to develop their marketing trade and they hire an app developer, you might need to get more familiar with the main procedures and phases of a mobile app development. Then, it’s up to you to decide how the mobile application should be developed. The process could be done by yourself or a freelancer app developer. Nowadays you can hire a virtual assistant, a translator or a copywriter remotely .In the next parts we are going to show you more.

How Much Does It Cost to hire an app developer For Your Business?

Not as much as you might think about that. In the same time, I would suggest you a formula for having a general calculation for your app developing field. For this calculation evaluation, you just need to consider the different steps of your app developing procedure, which we are going through that later on Various Phases of Mobile App Development section (type, platforms, design, number of pages, features & infrastructure).

Then you are ready to know some tables, which could be known as the general cost construction for hiring.

application typeAverage fee range
COMPLEX APP$200,000 _ $350,000
MEDIUM APP$100,000 _ $500,000
BASIC APP$10,000 _ $50,000

Here is the final cost breakdown. It is approximate and based on average hourly rate ($50/h). The price is for two platforms: Android and iOS.

App costs breakdown

workBasic appMedium appComplex app
UI/UX design$5,000$6,750$18,500
Quality assurance$9,650$15,750$15,000
Project management$10,000$13,750$10,000

Your cost could be much lower when working with a freelance app developer. freelancers have much lower overheads compared to big agencies and as a result their cost is much lower.

Your cost could be much lower when working with a freelance app developer. Don’t wait, start a job for free in a few clicks, chose and hire an app developer form a big pool of experts.

Interview Questions to Hire a Mobile App Developer

You can hire a freelancer who works from her own place, a full-time employee or an agency contractor to build your app. In any case asking some questions makes it easier to choose the right candidate. These are simple questions, which will serve as a basis to help you identify candidates with the appropriate business app developing skills.


Can you show me some examples of your previous software and app developments? Such as the portfolio and CV and references


Do you have a strong understanding of my business and its audience? Do not forget to ask about their familiarity with the tools and features that you want to have in your application content. Moreover, about the design and user experience


What is the difference between native mobile app design and responsive web design?


How should one properly design push notifications and why are they important?


What are some specific advantages and disadvantages of both Android and iOS? Which platform you are using more and in which you are more expert.


How do you handle security issues during and after the development of the app?


How can you help me make money off my app?


What information do you need before you start coding an app? How you want to do the assessment? Will you submit my mobile app to the appropriate app stores, and under which name will it be published?


How will maintenance of the app work?


What is your position with regards to (PWAs) Progressive Web Applications which is a hybrid concept between websites and native mobile applications?

Understanding the Three Types of App Developing

Native mobile apps

Native mobile apps are designed to be “native” to one platform, whether it’s Apple iOS, Google’s Android, or Windows Phone. The native platform can be advantageous because it tends to optimize the user experience. Because it was developed specifically for the platform, it can operate more quickly and intuitively.

Hybrid mobile apps

These apps can be installed on devices just like native apps, but they run through web browsers. All hybrid apps are developed through the HTML5 programming language. Though hybrid apps are not as fast or reliable as native apps, they have a greater capacity for streamlining the development process. Because you do not have to build and maintain apps for separate platforms, your business can save on time and resources. It’s ideal for apps that primarily deliver content.

Web apps

Responsive websites switch to a different design when they are accessed from a mobile device. Adaptive web applications, on the other hand, scale to fit the different screen sizes of mobile devices. For these apps, the design does not change. Web apps are built using the most popular programming languages, but they can’t use hardware on mobile devices or be sold in any app stores.

Various Phases of Mobile App Development for Designing Your Own App

In today’s time, developing an application is not like launching a rocket on the space or astrology regard to complexity overview. Although making a successful mobile application has some critical but easy procedure that involving quite an extensive pre-planning. Here we are going through different phases of app developing procedure for giving you an overall view to planning your marketing goals and your market niche in a rapid way.

  • The Research

    The basic idea of why you want this app. In this phase, which is the groundwork of all the procedure, you need to define your users and the customers. Making the persona by your user’s characteristics. Just be sure that your initial idea is reliable and being in a same page as the motivation, behavior, ideology of your actual users.

  • Wire framing

    Known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, and is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. It is important to have it because it can reduce the overall cost of the job and give you an overall idea of how your application should construct and give the opportunity to have an easy transition.

  • Technical Feasibility Assessment

    General definition is a clear understanding of the application. Your ideal application about your business or even as a developer should consider the technical feasibility assessment, because it would regard to technical resources available in the organizations concerning the job requirement.

  • Prototype

    The other phase that you should consider that is prototype, which is a preliminary visual mock-up that looks like a real app, and that demonstrates an app's fundamental design and function, but does not contain working code.

  • Design

    Mobile app design encompasses both the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). As a developer or a naïve person, you should consider both aspects.

  • Develop and Testing

    Implement all the phases that I have mentioned them right here and then going through the assessment phase of general idea, which the Testing Phase

  • Deployment

    Time is up! Your software is ready for launch. The process of delivering completed software to the client who ordered it or rolling out the software to consumers. Software deployment should only take place after testing to ensure that all the flaws and bugs have been identified and fixed.

You can browse App Developers on to find the best match specialist. Also you may need to hire a graphic designer for graphical aspects of your application. Do not hesitate to check our big pool of talented freelancers.

Chapter 2:

Guide for Freelancers

How to become a mobile app developer. where your journey starts and what are instructions.

App development programing languages , softwares and frameworks

What you will be able to design and build as a freelance mobile app developer

How to Become a Freelance Mobile App Developer

If you think freelancing is for you, there are two basic ways to begin freelancing:

1Jump straight away into your new adventure

2Make a plan to become, or progressively turn into, a freelancer

The first statement can be risky, unless you already have the resources and contacts to start and you know what you are doing.

The second one is safer, and does not usually require a sudden and drastic life change. In some cases, one becomes a freelancer without planning to; it happens as a result of doing more and more part-time work during spare time.

Here are the main steps that you have to go through them by the roller coaster of freelancing world:

1Launch your own apps on the Play Store / App Store: Prove your experience and excitement

2Your Resume (CV): List your relevant skills and achievements/ List your relevant work experience and bold the keywords. Secondary resume info which can be your latest unrelated work

3Update your LinkedIn Keep it simple: Copy your CV, Be searchable

4Upload your CV to every job site you can

5Network: Existing Network/ Networking at conferences and meetups Twitter, Recruitment Agencies who would like to hire you Freelancing platforms such as

Which Skills You Can Learn to Become a good mobile app developer?

Despite of all the steps that I mentioned lately, by learning some programming languages, you can extend your ability about developing an application or even understanding some general structures.

powerful features

Understanding of principles of secure, stable software design

Understanding of the software development process and lifecycle, including the design-develop-test-release-maintain cycle, and long-term lifecycle support and maintenance

Exposure to and understanding of some development methodology and development platforms or environments

Knowledge of two or more programming languages, preferably in-demand ones in two steps:

Step 1: Pick a Language

Learn Python

Learn Ruby on Rails

Learn JavaScript

Learn iOS Development

Learn Android Development

Step 2: Learn the Language

Regard to your requirement about the plan of mobile app developing, you would be deciding here, which kind of stages could be more proper for you to follow that.

If you are going to building your own app by yourself, you will likely have to know a database query language. Such as SQL (Structured Query Language) is everywhere, and in today's digitalized world with massive amounts of data being gathered every day and stored into a database, it can be needed.

If you are going to building your own app by yourself, you will likely have to know DevOps. DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops) which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

If you are only aiming to be a front-end web developer, you will likely have to improve your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills.

If you intend to build a complete web app, you should also know one of the following languages (and usually a web framework): Ruby/ Python/ PHP/ Java/ Go/ C#

Best mobile App Development Software

Another option is to use app development software. These apps mainly use some built-in tools and features to help you build your app faster. But there are some limitations in using these apps as well. By the way these apps are useful if you need to develop a not very complicated application in a short period of time. Some of these platforms listed below.

Zoho Creator

Appy Pie




What are the Different Categories of App Developing?

Before, I talked about the 3 different app designing. As of the publications, there are 32 categories in Google Play and 24 in the App Store, but I think they’ve gone a little overboard. Now I would like to talk about the 6 main categories for the application based on the usage and function. Determining where your mobile app idea fits is an important step toward making your idea into a reality.

Utility mobile applications

Lifestyle mobile apps

Social media apps

Productivity mobile apps

Games and entertainment mobile apps

News and information outlets mobile apps

As a freelancer, you also need to be aware of your expertise to choose between the different categories. Even In some cases, you might be asked by your client to develop an application, which is brand new for you in your knowledge field. All you need is just look on all I wrote!