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How to post a project

1You can quickly post your project by following a few simple steps and fill in the job posting form.
2Choose a Title for your Project. Try to make it clear and to the point. So, for instance, instead of this title : “Graphic designer”, write a more detailed title like this : “Website UI/UX Designer” or “Logo Designer”.
3In the description section, you can elaborate on the title in more details. Write about the job details and what you are looking for in a candidate.
4If you have a PDF or an image version of the job posting, you can also attach that to your post.
5You are also asked to write a few skills that are required for this job. You can specify up to 5 skills for your project and these skills help freelancers to find your job within the list of posted jobs on the website.
6Finally, you get to decide on the budget you are willing to spend on the project. And this is as easy as it could be to post a project.

Post a project in a few simple steps
Hire Professional Freelancers

How to hire a freelancer

1After posting your project, people are going to start to bid on your project.
2They are going to offer to do the job in different number of milestones and with different prices.
3You can start a chat with them to learn more about their qualifications and how confident they are in performing the task.
4 Before chat, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details, but you can skip it.
5However, when you finish the evaluation process and decide which freelancer you want to work with, you will have to enter your credit card details in order to start the project.

After starting the project

1After starting the project, the freelancer can send a file and a description for every milestone he has completed. After finishing every milestone, the freelancer changes the status of that milestone into Completed.
2Then, you as the client are prompted to Accept or Decline the result that you are offered. Of course, within all the steps of doing this project, the freelancer and you are able to communicate through the Chat option. If you accept the result, the freelancer moves on to the next milestone and you are now prompted to Check Out from the previous milestone by paying the price for it.
However, if you decline the result, the freelancer should modify or redo the project milestone and send the results to you, until you accept it. If you do not accept or decline a milestone after the freelancer completed it within seven days, it will automatically be accepted and checked out.
Take a note that all of the files for each milestone, regardless of being accepted or rejected, will remain in the history of the job, so that if each side needed to go back to one file, s/he has access to all the versions of it.
After the project is finished there is an extra milestone other than the ones defined by the freelancer and this one milestone is for you (the client) to complete. The reason for this milestone is for you to announce the end of a project and finish it while rating the freelancer and writing a review for him/her based on the quality of the job they did and their punctuality as well as manners.

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