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How to complete your profile

1 After creating an account on Perfectlancer, you can (and should) start building your profile in order to attract more clients and land more jobs. Once you entered your profile , in the Details window, on the right side,2 click on the pencil/edit icon and start editing your info. The details such as your name, your country and the city, and more importantly your skills, which you can add up to 10 skills, and a description of who you are and what you are good at.
3Next, you can add/edit your education history, if you have an academic background, enter your University details and what you have studied, so that the clients see in which area you have speciality.
4Last, you can enter your work experience. If you have worked for a company, mention its name, the title you held, the country of the company, the starting year and the ending year of your job.

How to complete your profile
How to find a job

How to find a job

1After Login, 2you browse for a job or search for its title (whether you know it partially or completely), then among the results you have found, read their job descriptions and see whether you can deliver what they require and ask for or not. If you found the requirements in line with your skills, then look at their budget and see if it is acceptable for you. If you were okay with the budget too,3then start the bidding process. Specify the bid amount for the whole project, the duration (in days) required to finish the project, and a description of what you are going to do. Next, you can suggest milestones (steps) for completing the job. By adding milestones you describe what you are going to do in each step, the amount of money you are asking for that milestone and the duration it takes for that milestone to be completed. After adding all the required milestones, you can submit your bid and wait for the response from the client.

How to complete a job

1After starting the project, you can send a file and a description for every milestone that you have completed. After finishing every milestone,2 you change the status of that milestone into Completed. Then, the client is prompted to Accept or Decline the result s/he is offered. Of course, within all the steps of doing this project, you and the client are able to communicate through the Chat option. If s/he accepts the result, you move on to the next milestone and the client is now prompted to check out from the previous milestone by paying the price for it. However, if s/he declines the result, you should modify or redo the project milestone and send the results to the client, until s/he accepts it. If the client does not accept or decline a milestone after you completed it within seven days, it will automatically be accepted and checked out.
Take a note that all of the files for each milestone, regardless of being accepted or rejected, will remain in the history of the job, so that if each side needed to go back to one file, s/he has access to all the versions of it.

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