Hire a 3D Modeler

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Post 3D Modeling project

Hire a 3D Modeler

Get your project done with professional freelancers
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Hire a 3d modeler may be a necessity for architecture firms, animation studios, product designers and so many other businesses. A freelance 3d modeler is responsible for creation of a three-dimensional character or environment. 3d modeling of characters or spaces would be based on the art and concepts. Hire a freelance 3d artist with professional skills according to your requiremnets, is in the dominate of our expertise. Hire a freelancer on Perfectlancer is an opportunity to hire 3d modeler freelancers who provides a spectacular experience for feeling the sense of design. There are different organization and companies where contain a certain need to have a 3d modeler expert and hire 3d modeler such as Animation & Movies, 3ds Max Game Modeling, Web & Graphic Design, Game & Special Effects, Architecture & Engineering, VR development, Adobe Creative Suite 3d Modeling 3d modeler for hire would have a portfolio that consists of advanced math and computer skills.

Checklist to hire a freelance 3d modeler

  • Have a Powerful Knowledge of Character Design, Rigging, Skinning
  • Have Expert Level Knowledge of 3D Design and Animation Tools Such as 3DS Max and Maya
  • Have Visualization Skills
  • Be Familiar with Some Animation Techniques
  • Have Expert Level of Communication Skills
3d modeling Adobe Photoshop, Blender are the 3d modeling software programs. Freelance 3d modelers also can have extra experience of working with 3d modeling Autocad, SketchUp, and Revit. Hire a 3d modeler would help the customers to have their unique design with more details as they wish, despite the online 3d modeling which will let the users create by pre-designed templates. Find your best freelance 3d modeler only on Perfectalncer.
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Every type of 3D work

I have tried to show you the work that i can do. Every area is covered which include 3D interior, exterior, walk-through

RPG 3D game development with Unity

3d mmo rpg game for PC , android and ios

RTS 3d battle game development

worked with unity 3d

FPS 3d zombie shooter

car driving, shooting game

3d interior scene

Rendered in 3d max & vray

3D Character For Printing

3D Printing Character

3D Printing Heads

3D Busts for Printing

3D Sculpting Character

High Detailed Model for animation

3D Face Mask Render

Modeling and Rendering of face mask

3D Character for Animation

3D Modeling/Texturing

3D Product Render

3D Product Render

3D Cake Render

Cake Render

3D Animation of Girl Dancing

3D Animation of Girl Dancing

3D Render Art

3D Render Art

3D Logo Design

3D Logo design Software Tools: Photoshop Illustrator Corel Draw InDesign


3D house plan

3D modelling and rendering


Hire a Freelance 3D Modeler

Who Are 3D Modelers?

3D modelers are artists. They work with film studios, game design firms (which is great cooperation between freelance game developers and 3D modelers), marketing companies, advertising campaigns and agencies, web design freelancers, software companies, college and university campuses, product design firms, or manufacturing companies. You may also find them working for aerospace companies or auto firms, retail stores, or crime labs. The options are endless.
Computer and math skills are essential for 3D modelers. It may be necessary for them to have experience in film or gaming, creative and graphic design skills, and previous experience in the field they work in. 3D modelers tend to be part of larger design teams. Their roles range from multimedia artists to animators.

What Do 3D Modelers Do?

Using a variety of computer applications and tools, 3D modelers design project models that allow clients and project team members to visualize the object. With an enhanced digital view, 3D modelers can evaluate ideas and identify feasibility scope on an enhanced digital model, allowing them to adjust and revise structures if necessary. To understand a client's expectations, a 3D modeler must have excellent technical and critical-thinking skills.

4 Tips for Hiring a Freelance 3D modeler

1. Review their previous jobs
If you want to hire a 3D modeler and not regret your decision later, you should examine their portfolio first. As part of this process, employers must examine specific criteria to measure the quality of CGI. Let's explain.
The best 3D models look just like real objects. The item looks smooth because the edges are beveled, and there are no sharp facets where they shouldn't be. Additionally, the materials are realistically simulated, so they resemble wood, metal, fabric, stone, glass, etc. Furthermore, the surface of the digital objects should be flawless: any seams between textures, pixelation, or other errors should not be visible to the viewer. Lighting and shadows in the imagery should be realistic. The best 3D models also have details that make them like they are real. The denim might be scuffed, the metal might be scratched, the glass might have stains, etc. Details like these help digital items to resemble real ones.
2. Be aware of their tastes and styles
A freelance 3D designer is a human with preferences, styles, and tastes. Color, design methods, or rendering assignments could be factors. Some may push this factor to the back of their minds when considering hiring a CG artist, but it cannot be overlooked. Depending on your project requirements, the style and taste of the 3D designer may suit you.
Keeping things simple during 3D design is good taste and should not be overdone by a great 3D designer. The 3D designer with good taste and expected skills provides the best designs.
When you browse through the portfolios of a potential 3D designer or look at their work samples, you should also consider the aesthetic part. The passion, strengths, and weaknesses of a freelance graphic designer as a 3D modeler are revealed through this.
3. See clients' testimonials for 3D modelers
Client reviews are included on our website. This section features comments from employers on their experiences with the freelance 3D modelers. Details they point out may become key factors that a company or employer considers when deciding whether to hire the freelancer. Employers should read these sections carefully. Additionally, ask for opinions on 3D modeling services and rendering services on forums or blogs where people discuss these topics.
When hiring a freelancer, it's best to use a specialized platform. There are sections with reviews and ratings that can be viewed. Additionally, a 3D modeler may have a personal website or social network page that shows reviews from their clients. In addition to reading reviews, employers can contact some of the 3D previous clients and ask them for an unbiased assessment of their abilities. The more information you gather, the greater the chances of hiring a professional 3D modeler.
4. Know their tools
A freelancer working on 3D rendering can choose from a variety of modelling softwares, modeling programs, and rendering engines. All of them offer different capabilities. Tools are divided into 2D and 3D models, with some available as a 2D-only design, and some as a 3D-only design.
Both free and paid tools are available. A few are excellent for modeling, while others are excellent for rendering. There are strengths and weaknesses in every design software. Some essential tools are, however, a must. There are many examples of these programs, including Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Illustrator CC, Cinema 4D Prime, 3D Blender, FL Studio 11, Maya, Mari 2.0v2, Sketchbook Pro, etc.
To avoid losing out to competitors on the basis of technology, you must know which tools your applicant uses and ensure that they are the best, most effective, and most advanced at them. The best of 3D modelers keep up to date with the latest hardware and software. Owning the latest hardware and software isn't essential to being a great modeler, considering the constant shifts that take place in the digital world each day. The best are those that are flexible, advanced, and constantly updated.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire 3D Modelers?

In the United States, the average salary for a 3D Modeler is $71,154 per year or $34.21 per hour. Those at the bottom of that range, the bottom 10% to be precise, make approximately $40,000 per year, while those at the top make an average of $125,000. The location is critical in many cases. Freelance 3D Modeler salaries are highest in Connecticut, California, New York, Rhode Island, and Delaware.
Here is some information about the salary of a good Freelance 3D modeler in other countries. These numbers are gathered and published on Salary Expert. (All based on Salary Expert statics)
  • In the United Kingdom, the average 3d designer gross salary is £33,278 or £16 an hour. The average bonus they earn is £955.
  • In Belgium, the average freelance 3D designer’s gross salary is 44.650 € per year or approximately 21 euros per hour. Bonuses average 1.281 €.
  • Georgia's average freelance 3d designer gross salary is 74 040₾ or 36₾ per hour. The average bonus they earn is 2125₾ as well.
  • In Germany, the average gross salary for a freelance 3d designer is 44.648 € or 21 € per hour. Their average bonus is 1.281 €.
  • In Italy, the average gross wage for a freelance 3D designer is 35.2288 €, equivalent to 17 € an hour. Bonuses average 1.11 €.
  • An average freelance 3d designer in India earns a gross salary of ₹6,16,592 or ₹296 an hour. They also earn a bonus of ₹17,696 on average.
  • In Mexico, the average gross salary for a freelance 3d designer is $238,538 or $115 an hour. Their average bonus is $6,846.
  • In South Korea, the average gross salary of a freelance 3d designer is ₩33,453,442, or an equivalent hourly rate of ₩16,083. Their average bonus is ₩960,114.


3D modeling has become one of the most in-demand artistic specialties today thanks to high technology. In 3D modeling, computer graphics are modeled in three dimensions for various applications, such as freelance 3D animating, special effects, video games, 3D printing, and even scientific research. Models created with 3D software have a distinct advantage over their traditional counterparts, as they can be modified and duplicated more easily. The first time you find the right freelancer for the job, you will save a lot of time and money.
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