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Hire a Freelance Logo Designer
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Post Logo Design project

Hire a Freelance Logo Designer

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Hiring a high-skilled graphic designer to design a logo is a necessity for every brand or business. In many cases, people can remember a brand by a remarkable and unforgettable logo design. Some examples are Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, etc. Top logo designers can make your brand more familiar and remarkable in the eyes of potential customers. No matter how huge or small your business and company are at the moment, you will feel the need to hire a logo designer very soon. Perfectlancer, as a freelancing platform for hiring top freelancers, might be all that you need. Your logo design is a vital part of your brand identity. To find the perfect logo designer for your business, you need to think about what is important in their portfolio.
Logo design costs would vary regarding the quality of the created logo, logo designer expertise, and the simplicity or complexity of the design. You can hire a graphic designer to take over your graphic design tasks, but to design, your logo you need a top-notch professional designer such as a Corel Draw expert, an Adobe Illustrator expert, etc. The location is not a big deal. By choosing a freelance logo designer from all around the world, you would have the best art and design experience on Perfectlancer. Post your logo design project to get started in a few clicks.
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Logo design

Have created may logos high quality can show on request

logo Design

The current logo design for supplement company

Themis Brand Identity

I created a brand identity design for a law school. I think i was able build a professional and modern mark as their logo.

Jivante (Skin Care)

About: Logo design Project for Herbal Skin care product Description: Logo portrays leaf outline with a sleek and aesthetic feel. App Used: Adobe Illustrator


About: Logo design Project for a website of tourist resort villas Description: Logo portrays overall feel of cyprus inform of sea and sun. Portraying a similar feel as Cyprus official tourism logo (Visit Cyprus). App Used: Adobe Illustrator

A Gifted Golfer

About: Logo design Project for an online golf training website. Description: Logo portrays golf club grooves as speed and accuracy. App Used: Adobe Illustrator

Mascot Logo Showcase #1

Minimalist Style (logo)

Wonder Party

Premium - Logo Design - Icon - Banner - Busines Car

Premium Package: - Logo Design - Icon - Banner - Busines Car

Style : Vintage

TUAIÁ - Logo Design

The project to make the industrial process greener is the objective of Tuaiá Inteligência Ambiental and we were privileged to be able to participate in the process of creating the visual concept of this brand.

Prime Agro Event

Material created for Prime Agro's national convention. All materials developed to create a uniform visual identity for the event.

Céu de Encanto - Logo Design

See life in a more fun way and celebrate the good times with the people we love the most around. It was with this motivation that we developed this graphic project. Céu de Encanto proposes to CELEBRATE joy and happiness at any stage of the day.

Logo design

Unique logo design

RociFi - Logo, PPT and UI/UX Design

RociFi, short for Roci Finance. RociFi pays homage to the spaceship Rocinante in the popular TV series, The Expanse, which the main characters use to fly around the galaxy to save it. The task for the logo was to design a logo that presents data analytics and blockchain, finance innovators + outer space + Rocinante spaceship. Taking a direction from the client brief. Put a lot of thought into creating the best design options to present a brand vibe. Presented 3 concepts and the client loved the logo from the initial concepts. After the logo moved to other materials PPT and UI/UX Design.

Logo Aqua design work

Logo Aqua

Hire a Freelance Logo Designer

Hire top freelance logo designers for less in July 2022
Big brands without logos? No? They're nonexistent. Logo design and branding have a rich past and current. You can build your brand with the help of a great plan. But the next step is to give a stunning brand view to your customers. Logo, typography, and colors can build up your brand's essence. A logo affects how people view your brand. Your logo conveys what you have to offer to your clients. The logo is one of the earliest things that your clients face. Hiring an ace logo designer lets you draw more people, thanks to that first image. It allows customers to know if your brand is served for them.

What are the chores of a freelance logo designer?

A logo designer is a freelance graphic artist who can make unique logos—most designers who are good at what they do also have some basic knowledge about internet marketing.
Logo designers need to know a lot about the company they are making a logo for. They have to learn a lot about the market in question. They also dig into the details of how a business does what it does. Hire a professional logo designer who knows the market you're in to make a logo for your business that will make it stand out. Creating a shining logo almost always carries teamwork from branches like communications, sales, marketing strategy, and designs.
Before releasing your new logo, it is time to get down with freelance brand identity experts once again. To make a brand essence for your company that will set it apart from the competition, you need to hire a skilled logo designer who is familiar with your firm. People from different departments, like communications, sales, marketing, and design, have to work together to make a star logo.

What should you do before hiring a logo designer?

First of all, you have to know what makes you different and what your firm aims to give people. Once you get a clear picture of your brand, you know what you need, and you can pick a proper designer to team up with.
So, you must be sure what your plan is for running the business. In the following steps, you will pinpoint your matters and beliefs. Before teaming up with a gifted logo maker, the last thing you need to do is summarise your firm in just two or three words.

Why do you need to hire a logo design expert?

Offering a lot of ideas

When logo designers show their clients the outcomes, they also share the early sketch pictures they had for such designs. However, there is only ever one finished version of a logo. It is clear from the drawings that there were many other pictures and plans thought during the design process. You can assess each one against the others, and the designs that are superior to the others will jump out instantly.
As the boss, you can take perfect ideas from your designer drawings. As a result of the fact that clients commonly only catch the outcome, these steps are often overlooked by them. That's why you should be in touch with the logo maker to get the most simple sketch. The first impression has many effects on the future of your branding.

Drawing more clients

To be thriving in business, you need to find the perfect consumers and win them over with your product or service. You will share your firm's basic tenets in an exciting way through the use of a logo. An ace logo designer knows how to capture the attention of viewers rapidly. People judge how your business looks. A logo that looks good helps people trust you and keeps them coming back. You could even compare your logo to a picture you'd put on a dating profile.

Showing the brand essence

An ace logo shows you to likely customers by defining who you are, what you do, and what gifts you have for them. It shows people who see you with your business for the first time that you're doing something great. When people think of your outfit, they see your logo first. You need to hire a professional logo maker to get the best sketch. It makes sense if you do something that gets people to think of you in a good way. You should see your logo like the speaker of your firm.

How can a professional logo designer make sense thanks to their crafts?

If you want to be always in touch with your target audience in a short time, your logo has to be simple to understand. Expert freelance logo makers can help you show a clear picture of your brand.
Unlike famous companies, most small firms lack brand cognition and a notable marketing budget. As a result, your logo must directly tell who you are as a company and what you do.
As a new small business, your logo maker aids you with a fantastic logo that has unique typography, simple colors, and dazzling visual parts. With the help of their talents, you will get a high-quality logo for your company.
A great logo is made up of many different parts that work together. But it would help if you were careful not to use too many colors, fonts, shapes, etc. Because of this, the logo looks like a child has made it.

Characteristics of a perfect logo


The fact that "simple" doesn't always mean "easy" is one thing that makes it hard to come up with a simple logo. Either the logo's design has been stripped down to its most basic parts or uses straightforward typography. Both of these could be called "simple logos." It could also be referring to the first idea that comes to mind.
Most of the time, simple logos are more impressive than complicated ones, even though they can be hard to design. About 72 percent of the most thriving brand names are made up of words or acronyms, and the terms use typography to create an image in the mind of the person hearing them. Symbols and icons, which are also illustrated parts, can do the same thing.


A great logo design that connects with your audience and speaks to them will help you stand out from the crowd. It lets you make a bigger impression than a logo with many images and colors because it allows you to quickly show what your brand is about and what it stands for.
According to, for decades, logo designers have relied on a set of design principles and intuition to create successful logos. Most designers through years of experience and practice know what works. Yet, they may not understand why design works. That is why logo designers need to embrace insights from neuroscience and psychology about how the brain reacts to logos, so that they can make better and more strategic design decisions. This is called neuro design.
Think of neuro design as ergonomic design for the brain. Neuro design provides a set of fundamentals that tell us how to design logos that intuitively appeal to our brains and are more easily recognisable. Consequently, neuro design can augment the logo design process by using its principles to test designs against real human reactions.
Hire top freelance logo designers for less in July 2022

Benefits of Hiring a freelancer on Perfectlancer

As a diligent freelancing platform, we connect highly-skilled freelance logo designer. and businesses to help both parties build trusted, long-term relationships in order to achieve more together.
  • Save on costs
  • Perfectlancer secure payment system has your back from start to finish
  • Perfectlancer’s online chat and email support
  • Having access to a big pool of talented freelancers from all around the world
  • Supervision and arbitration of Perfectlancer in case things went wrong
Let us help you find the best logo design specialist that fits your requirements in just a few clicks.


A fresh logo can help improve other aspects of a business. The logo may be used to create paper, design business cards, signs, web design (UI / UX), and more. Great brand essence is never a poor thing. If you aim to hire someone to help you get stunning sketches of logos, we offer you freelance experts. You can pick your proper staffers based on your needs and firm.
According to Zippia, In the United States, logo designers make an average of $49,967 per year or $24 per hour. On average, hiring a freelance logo designer costs between 30% to 65% lower than hiring a full-time employee. The top 10 percent earn more than $67,000 a year, while the bottom 10 percent earn less than $37,000. Between 2018 and 2028, the job field is expected to grow by 3% and add 8,800 jobs all over the U.S.
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