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Portuguese&Spanish Speaking Person Required

$10 - $30

In urgent requirement of some more Portuguese&Spanish Speakers to do Proofreading, labelling and correction work. If you have experience in labelling work, that will be a plus. However, we will be providing you proper Training. It's simple task. You need to listen to the Portuguese&Spanish Audios, check the Transcription, Make some segments and correct any words if mistakes are found. But you should be Really Good in Portuguese&Spanish Language. Also, you should have Windows Laptop or Desktop for this work. Daily 42 to 54 Audios you will have to Check. Each Audio is of 3 minutes length. Long term project. If interested, please message me. Please mention your current City name, Your Portuguese&Spanish Proficiency Level and Your Laptop Operating System Name in your proposal. Provide any previous work experience if you have. Looking forward. Thank you.

Spanish Translation

English to Spanish Translation


Spanish English formal translation

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