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Assistance needed from US locals for our business

$150 - $300

I'm a project manager from a software development firm in Taiwan. Myself has been working as a developer for 10 years and these days mostly focus on web development stacks. Our firm mostly targeted US clients, and thus we were using some outsourcing site to bring in our clients. Recently, we faced issues in the site which is a huge risk for our business... As a contract based freelancing company, this risk of client onboarding process is very critical for our development and we need urgent assistance from US locals. I can give more details during our conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.


Account Management

SCOTTISH NATIVE speakers needed $25/90 minutes - Easy job

$5 - $30

-- Do not apply if you are not an English NATIVE SPEAKER with Scottish accent! -- Hi freelancers An AI company needs several English native speakers with Scottish accent to test out a voice recognition software. This is not a VO project. The process is pretty-straight forward and requires no technical skills. I'm paying $25 and it takes an average of 1:30 hours. Do not apply if: - You are not an English native speaker with Scottish accent - You cannot commit to do the trial test within 24h after accepting my offer - You are a man under 30 y/o (we have runned out of spots for this gender/age group) - You are a woman between 31 to 45 y/o (we have runned out of spots for this gender/age group) Type in "I am English native speaker with Scottish accent" at the top of your proposal. Best regards, Ricardo




Speech Collection

$30 - $150

We have two tasks. Sentence Prompt Task: Are you native of UK? And if yes so what is your accent out of two- Scottish, Welsh? If yes, send us a voice sample of 30 seconds. You have to record about 300 sentences with each sentence being somewhere in between 8 to 15 words. The recordings are to be done as per the given guidelines. You will be credited with $50 (USD) on successful completion of the task. We need the recordings within 48 hours after you accept the task. Are you native of UK? And if yes so what is your accent out of four - Scottish, Welsh, Northern England or Western England? If yes, send us a voice sample of 30 seconds. Conversational Task: The task which involves two-way conversation with your partner, wherein you require a mobile phone/laptop/tablet. You can go ahead with conversation for 60 minutes. You can choose multiple topics and talk on topics breaking into minimum of 15 minutes. Looking forward to hear from you. We will be paying 100 USD (50 USD each)

doing more with less

task completion

get along well with others

Need someone to create google business account for my business and help me work with it

$30 - $150

I have a pretty small store for selling my electrical materials but nowadays that people dont go for buying their needs on their own and they just search and find their products online i need someone who can help me add my store on google map and add my social account profiles to that google business profile so i can add my products to google map so people can place orders there and see my products online i dont have a website and i need one of those google generated websites which shows people reviews and your products and brand name by the way as i far as i know theres no need for coding and developing for that website and google generates it automatically and we just need to buy a domain for that.

Google business account

Social media

Social medias

Google website

Google product

Google products

We need to build a software for our soccer tournament

$150 - $300

I need a freelancer developer to help me build a software for our soccer tournament. We have a local tournament and we want to make it be present online.

software development

UI/UX design


web design

Mobile app design

ios app design

Hire a freelance designer to design our company logo and website graphics

$150 - $300

We are starting a new company and our main focus is on B2B clothing and fashion products we need someone who can work with Photoshop and illustrator to design our new logo and help us design our website and graphic works please apply if you are a committed and professional freelance designer




graphic design

adobe photoshop

logo design

English proofread needed

$150 - $300

We have a blog based on people experience of being distant from their parents at early age and we need someone to proofread them before posting them on our blog. Theres about 35 contents with about 700-750 words and as its obvious from the subject contents dont include any complicated word.




Graphic designer needed

$30 - $150

I want to do some marketing by printing some A4 catalogues for my career which is selling nutrition packagings the content of the catalogue is ready but i need someone to put it in the right place with nice color and styling and nice images so it will attract buyers to checkout my website and products i need someone creative and i have 2 week deadline for this design , bids without worksample wont be considered so feel free to share your samples with me.

Graphic design


Nutirition packaging



A4 catalogue



Content writer for instagram caption/story

$150 - $300

The deliverables are: 20 captions of 40 - 60 words each. 5 captions of 150 - 200 words each. 32 content for stories of 50 - 70 words each. 2 blogs of 400 - 450 words each. Subjects and images are ready and the main subject is health care and if you complete tasks on time i look forward to work with you hourly and i need someone to follow SEO best practices on those 2 blog contents and write engaging contents.

content writer




blog writer


story content

caption content

instagram marketing

engaging content



social media

SEO keyword

Designer needed

$30 - $150

Im planning on making my office a happier place and i need someone to help me pick some colors and simple objects for the walls and help me with desk and chair colors and i would love ideas about placing some objects on the wall or any design which will increase productivity and mentally help employees have a better experience at work.


Color palette

New office