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Fix outdated Mac software

7 days
United Kingdom
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I am using an application called HyperDock for Mac. It shows window previews in the dock. I know there are other applications that I could use instead but I really like this application the most since it shows the previews on other desktops and for windows that are minimized too. No other application I've used like Dockmate does this. The issue is the application was designed for an older version of Mac so it's not working properly. It only works for a minute or so and then it stops working again and the only way to make it work again is to disable it and then enable it again. It also keeps opening the settings page to the Hyperdock preferences page constantly. I would like this fixed so the app works constantly. I've found a script that may fix the app - I believe it force closes the app and then enables it again but I'm not sure how to implement this. Even if this did fix that aspect it wouldn't stop the settings app from keep opening. Is there any way you're able to take a look at this and fix it for me? This is the website for the application: Many thanks.
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