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Ziad A.Ziad A.

Ziad A.
United Arab Emirates

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Premium Logo Design Icon Banner Busines Car

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Premium Package: - Logo Design - Icon - Banner - Busines Car

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I was approached by Premier Services International (PSI) in April 2019. Having been established in the year 2000, PSI had yet to bring their services online. I was tasked with bringing their branding and offerings to the modern day. Starting with the logo, I was briefed to ensure their whole business name was clear, along with making it obvious that they operated globally. Within a few hours, I had submitted three logos and their favourite, which surpassed their expectations, had been chosen. Image may contain: screenshot, abstract and internet Onto the website and and I was given a simple brief; ensure that the website was of corporate design, the catalogue of over 30000 catering products and over 50000 educational products is fully accessible and to ensure there is a quote request system in place. Well experienced in Wordpress and WooCommerce, I knew exactly how to approach this task with full confidence. A quick draft of the homepage and PSIs new branding identity was happily approved. Online catalogue The next stage was to create the online catalogue. Having been provided with a CSV file and its respective images, I was to transform the Excel spreadsheet into a fully functioning online catalogue. There were many formatting errors within the CSV file and images but, due to my experience in this area, I knew how to quickly rectify these errors. Within three working days, the catalogue was online and PSI were clearly very happy with the outcome! The most unique aspect of this project was the implementation of a quotation request system. Unlike most WooCommerce websites where the primary objective is to lead the customer to checkout, with this project, due to the nature of the industrys purchasing process, PSI wanted the customer to have the ability to send their basket to the sales team in the form of a quotation request. After some discussion and a bit of coding, I had created a platform which allowed customers to send their quotation request and PSIs sales team to counter offer within the admin section of the website. At each stage, an email is sent to the customer informing them of an update with a PDF of the quotation attached and two links: Accept or Reject. The customer is also able to log in to their account and view their quotations and the stage theyre at. This aspect of the project was completely new to me but PSI were thrilled with my execution and it has been a major success being the first of its kind in the industry. As with all of my projects, part of the service I offer is the writing of any informative text. A small overview from PSI of what they offer was enough for me to list and describe the services that they provide as well as writing their About Us page. Along with the branding and website design, all hosting, emails, SEO and domain name along with all other aspects which go hand in hand with developing a new website were managed by myself too. For client who had never had any online presence before, within the space of 10 days, had the most advanced online system within their industry. [Client Testimonial ★★★★★] "Michael simply surpassed our expectations. When we approached him with the task of bringing our business online, we could never have imagined where we were just a fortnight later. His unbelievable ability to turn a small brief to a fully functional and perfect website is something that we were so pleased with throughout the whole process. "The quotation system hes put in place has proved to be a game changer for, not just us, but the industry as a whole. Such an innovative way of thinking is so unique to web designers not only has he designed our website but hes also designed the way we do business. The fee we paid was so minimal compared to the amount of business he created for us and as a result of his innovative work, we offered him a 25% stake in our UK based catering equipment business."
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Michael E.
Projet Festival Mawazine
Brand Identity Design
Hassan A.
Banners and Flyers, Business Cards, Logo Design and Eye Caching T Shirt Designs designed for 100 of customers and for the Academy as well.
Logo design Graphic design Banner Designer Business Card Design Brand Identity Design
Khan B.
Wonder Party
Logo design Business Card Design Brand Identity Design
Ziad A.
Premium Package: Logo Design Icon Banner Busines Car
Logo design Banner Designer Business Card Design Brand Identity Design
Ziad A.
"Creating beautiful brand face, one at a time" We, Perfectionist, are a highly talented and dedicated team, focused on providing unique logo design absolutely from scratch. A Logo is the face of your brand which is as equally important as the success of your business and we make sure to dig into the pillars of your success in depth.
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Nisaar Y.
Looking to take your business to the next level with powerful, eye catching graphic design? Look no further! As a graphic design expert with over 8 years of experience, I specialize in creating logos, business cards, posters, merchandise, and more that elevate your brand's visual appeal and convey professionalism. Here are some reasons why you should choose me for your graphic design needs: I have a proven track record of success: I've worked with numerous clients across a wide range of industries, and have consistently delivered high quality designs that exceed their expectations. I stay up to date with the latest design trends and techniques: I'm always on the lookout for new ways to push the envelope and create designs that stand out from the crowd. I take a collaborative approach to design: I believe that the best designs come from a deep understanding of the client's needs and preferences, and work closely with my clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life. So if you're ready to take your business to the next level with stunning, professional graphic design, let's work together! Contact me today to get started, and let's make your brand stand out from the crowd.
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Jo S.
Colorful coffee shop with the same branding book, as they wish. :)
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Nikolina K.
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