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Product image retouching

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Hi !!\nAre you looking for a professional product listing images? Then you are in the right place. Ill make your product stand out of the crowd with amazing images.\nIll give you the perfect product photo retouching, enhancement, and Photoshop editing service. Ive been working on product photo retouching and enhancement for more than 2 years.\n\nPlease see my product image editing work portfolio:\n\n*** Remove Product Background to replace pure white Background. \n*** Create a shadow and reflection of your image so that it looks more realistic.\n*** Remove dust or any scratches so that your picture looks more beautiful.\n*** Sharpen your image and give proper lighting.\n*** Retouching, Cropping/ Resize your image, to match your site design.\n*** Adding graphics to your images according to your instructions.\n*** Background removing for online listing\n*** Resizing/Replacing with white background\n*** Color correction\n*** Professional image retouch\n*** Remove dust & scratches\n*** Add logo or label to your product\n*** Photo manipulation\n*** Add text/Remove text\n*** Infographic images\n*** Lifestyle images\n\nThanks, \ntito freelancer

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