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I was always an avid reader, driven by pure intellectual curiosity. My inclination toward Philosophy and Literature motivated me to turn writing into a full-time occupation. In my almost two years working as a writer, I've collaborated with clients in a wide array of industries, from Leadership Coaching and Education to Finance and Business. But aside from having acquired a great deal of practical experience, I have also had the great opportunity to learn from two excellent Social Media Marketing and Content Writing coaches. The Digital Marketing landscape is continually changing, and I am committed to permanently learning and refining my skills. It's also worth mentioning that, going into Content Writing, I had an ace up my sleeve: I had been a Customer Service Representative for nearly four years. I knew all too well how to communicate effectively. Being a good CSR requires grasping the customers' issues, showing empathy, and offering people adequate solutions to their problems. Being a good Content Writer is no different. Before anything else, people want to be understood. That's why, when I write, I focus a great deal on the customer and their needs and challenges. Writing isn't about showing people how much the writer knows about a particular subject; it's about having a dialogue and building a bond with another human being. However, being able to create that connection isn't all there is to producing quality content. I know that people won't deem my articles to be valuable if they're not learning something from reading them. And having also worked as a Research Analyst, I know how to find, collect, and analyze relevant and reliable data and put my conclusions in writing in a digestible way, so that people can grasp them with ease.

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