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College Student Project

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Simple After Effects Project Objective: Create a captivating title opener using Adobe After Effects for a fictional streaming channel. This project will allow you to apply your motion graphics skills, animation principles, and creativity to design an engaging introduction. Project Details: Duration: 5-10 seconds Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels (Horizontal) Frame Rate: 24 Frames per Second (fps) Instructions: Channel Concept: Invent a fictional streaming channel. Consider the genre or content of the channel (e.g., gaming, cooking, travel, etc.). This will influence the style and theme of your title opener. Storyboard: Create a rough storyboard outlining the visual elements, transitions, and text you plan to incorporate in your title opener. Storyboarding helps you visualize the sequence of your animation. Design Elements: Design the visual elements of your title opener. This may include the channel logo, text graphics, background, and any additional assets. Pay attention to color schemes and typography to match your channel's theme. Animation Principles: Apply at least three animation principles to your title opener. Consider principles like anticipation, timing, easing, or others that enhance the visual appeal of your animation. Animation Execution: Use Adobe After Effects to bring your title opener to life. Animate text, logos, or any other elements you've designed. Pay close attention to timing and smooth transitions. Sound Design: Incorporate background music or sound effects that complement the style and theme of your streaming channel. Rendering: Render your title opener as an .mp4 file with the specified resolution and frame rate. Submission: Submit your final title opener project as an .mp4 file, following the naming convention:
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