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WordPress Website Designer for Blog Site

14 days
United States
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I am seeking a skilled and creative WordPress Designer to assist in the development and design of a visually appealing and accessible blog website. As I, the site owner, am visually impaired, I require a professional who can take the lead in visual design elements, ensuring that the website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and user-friendly. Key Responsibilities: 1. Theme Customization: Integrate the desired brand colors into the chosen WordPress theme, ensuring a clean, minimalist aesthetic that aligns with the overall brand identity. 2. Layout Design: Create a balanced and engaging layout for webpages, including the homepage, blog posts, and additional pages, focusing on readability and user experience. 3. Navigation and Accessibility: Design intuitive navigation elements, including menus, buttons, and links, ensuring they are accessible and easy to use for all visitors, including those with visual impairments. 4. Visual Elements: Develop and integrate key visual elements such as headers, footers, and custom graphics that complement the brand's style and enhance the site's overall look. 5. Font and Color Scheme: Select and apply suitable fonts and a color scheme that aligns with the brand identity and ensures high contrast and legibility. 6. Image Selection and Editing: Choose and edit images that complement the content and theme, considering accessibility and alt-text descriptions for screen readers. 6. Responsive Design: Ensure the website is fully responsive and provides a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes. 7. Feedback Implementation: Work closely with me to understand vision and preferences, incorporating feedback throughout the design process. Requirements: • Fluent in English, as there will be a lot of written communication, and I can't afford to lose time and money when key details are lost in translation. • Proven experience in WordPress website design and customization. • Strong understanding of visual design principles, especially in a minimalist and clean aesthetic. • Knowledge of web accessibility standards, particularly for visually impaired users. • Excellent communication skills and the ability to translate non-visual feedback into a visual design. • Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality work.
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