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Help needed to setup Kubernetes with Istio for a company

5 days
New employer
United States
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We are a medium size company in Midwest US. We are in the middle of migrating from a Kubernetes cluster on AWS via kops to a new cluster setup where we can have multiple Kubernetes clusters that are Cloud agnostic ( DigitalOcean, AWS, etc..). Several of our services within Kubernetes should communicate with a primary cluster . Therefor we are integrating Istio. We have an initial proof of concept working including Istio's mTLS communication across clusters, but have run into several road blocks in the setup process. We need a developer with extensive Kubernetes and Istio knowledge and familiarity to help complete this project. This project requirements : - multiple clusters running and communicating using Istio - configurations for each cluster setup using helm - clusters able to run on at least AWS and DigitalOcean
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