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Redesign and programming website interior design

20 days
New employer
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We are looking for a support to our developer in Serbia on a regular, long-term basis and would start the cooperation with smaller Projects. Project: Programming of a web-based questionnaire  Programming of welcome page with instruction, questionnaire + evaluation, presentation of the test result (depending on achieved score) as well as possibility to receive the test result via e-mail (and/or to print PDF)  Questionnaire with 25 statements, response format: yes/no + calculation of score (percentage value between 0 and 100%)  Presentation of test result: Depending on which value is reached, one of 3 texts is presented + graphical representation of the result Future projects may include: • Testing, developing and maintaining websites, and web applications (Web Shops) and Web Services (REST, SOAP) • Communication with Client/Developers Additional optional responsibilities: • Defining the scope of testing within the context of each release / delivery and acceptance criteria based on scope/requirement • Implementing the role testing plays within the organizational structure • Deploying and managing the appropriate testing framework to meet the testing mandate • Planning and managing the testing effort for any given release and test type • Developing and conducting Unit Tests according to given Software Design Document (SDD) Experience in (Must have): • JavaScript (very important) • Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP,php7 Additonal preferred skills: • QA Management - performing roles as a QA Manager, leading a test team for projects and interacting with peer groups including the business users and developers • Test Driven Development (TDD) along with integration and user acceptance testing • Testing concepts (SDLC, STLC & Defect Life cycle) and Software testing tools (Unit Tests), test automation and UI tests (Selenium) • Web services Testing (SOAP, REST) - writing automated Web service tests using well-known tools (SoapUI) • Familiar with frontend development technologies: HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap, Foundation), JavaScript (jQuery, Anguar) • Good knowledge in one of following programming languages: PHP, Python, Ruby or Perl • Understanding of IT networking concepts, network protocols and security • Familiar with backend development in one of following scripting languages: Bash or PowerShell • Experience in work with RDBMS (MSSQL, MySQL, pgSQL, Oracle, SQLite), Document Oriented Databases would be a plus. • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), other popular software design methodologies would be plus (AOP) • Strong understanding of popular Software Design Patterns (MVC, MVW, MVVM) • Familiar with popular IDEs (Visual Studio, IDEA) • Familiar with various OS architecture (Windows, Linux, OS X)
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