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AutoCad designer

Hire top Autocad designers

Get your project done with professional freelancers
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An AutoCAD designer is a professional who can use this magical software to literally do magic and pre-design your visuals of a design in the most accurate and detailed way. Hire an AutoCAD designer is a requirement for majority of architectural planning projects. Architectural design, graphic design, design for professional 3d modeling and printing, etc., are the first things that can be done with this software. AutoCAD specialists have spent years trying to learn it, attending various courses, studying it at university, and becoming a professional after tireless efforts. We bring them to you on this platform to use their best practices for your outsourcing projects to deliver the best results to you.
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AutoCAD Architecture
shakir I.

shakir I.

I am Shakir Istiak. Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Product Design, 3D modelling is my passion. Experience in 2D and 3D modeling using software packages like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, And Catia Also, I have experience in simulations with programs like SolidWorks And Ansys. And Also experience in Keyshot for Rendering. I’m interested in new projects related with mechanical and process engineering, as well as 2D/3D CAD drawings,3D modelling,Simulation,And Rendering Portfolio Items Manage
Product Design
Dave M.

Dave M.

I'm a freelance writer and the co-founder of Appkademiya, a Filipino online learning platform.
SEO Writing
Content writing
WordPress Management
ghost writing
Muhammad Adnan A.

Muhammad Adnan A.

Hi My name is Adnan. Basically I am a Web and Graphics Designer and Also WordPress Expert with 2 Year of Experience. Also, I will be your Virtual Assistant.
Wordpress Designer
wordpress developer
Graphics Designer
logo designer
SEO On page
SEO Content Writing
Ms Office Expert
Banner Designer
Flyer designing
Arsalan Z.

Arsalan Z.

Thanks for visiting my profile! I am Arsalan, with some great technical skills. I can assist you in your daily office or personal works virtually.
virtual assistant
data entry
content writer
Djordje K.

Djordje K.

architecture, architectural visualization, 3d modeling, Sketchup, Revit, Autocad professional. Working as freelancer for the last 9 years, top rated.
3D modelling
Lena C.

Lena C.

My expertise in various digital design softwares including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhino, AutoCAD gives me the ability to utilize them to create innovative designs.
3d max
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Moustapha N.

Moustapha N.

Hello, My name is Moustapha. I am 22 years old. I am Structural Engineer. I can use the following programs perfectly :- SAP 2000, ETABS, SAFE, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro.
structural engineering
structural analysis
reinforced concrete design
csi safe
autodesk robot structural analysis

Hire an AutoCAD specialist

Hire a FreeLancer AutoCAD specialist to use it for your following tasks:

  • Architectural planning
  • As an engineering design tool
  • In graphic design
  • In 3D printing
  • In the fashion industry
  • As an industrial design tool
  • etc.

What is AutoCAD?

Autodesk's flagship product is a computer-aided design software used by designers, architects and engineers to build 2d designs and 3D models of integrated or grid surfaces. Before computer aided design, designers had to work with tools such as drawing boards, pencils, pens, rulers, compasses, and goniometers, which had much more limited capabilities than today's tools such as AutoCAD. Since 1982, when the first version of AutoCAD software was introduced to the market, it has quickly become the most widely used computer-aided design tool due to its advanced automation and computer design capabilities. This software is currently the most widely used industrial design and drawing software that has more than 100 million users worldwide.
This software allows freelance CAD designers designers to implement your mental ideas and intelligently design and document your products with the help of 3D drawing tools. The range of capabilities of this software is so wide that it is not limited to a specific field and industry and is used in almost all design and drawing 3D models in the fields of electronics, civil engineering, architecture, drawing and modeling.

Some examples

Design order companies may hire an AutoCAD professional to use 3D modeling tools in AutoCAD to turn creative ideas into detailed concept designs, because they can design exactly what the client envisions.
Window design companies can contract with building builders to categorize windows designed by a hired freelance AutoCAD designer, and provide them to building builders. Builders also consider any type of window they want to use in building design, depending on the design of the building.
In the case of design and lighting companies, AutoCAD Designer can use this software to make three-dimensional designs and lighting and provide real and photorealistic visualizations for customers.
Finally, AutoCAD allows the freelance designers you hire to do virtual designs and programming for you.

Why you should hire a freelancer AutoCAD Designer?

The advent of 3D design software, especially AutoCAD software, changed the world of design. Before the advent of 3D design software such as AutoCAD, the design process was very simple, time consuming and with many limitations. In these traditional methods, designers spent hours of time using simple basic tools such as paper types, design pencils, and simple tools such as T-rulers, goniometers, and conveyors to draw their designs in two dimensions. . AutoCAD software, in addition to significantly reducing the time required, energy and cost, will lead to a significant increase in the final quality of the result. Because, as it is clear to everyone, a three-dimensional design, in addition to showing more and more precise details, is more attractive and appealing. With the advent of specialized 3D design software such as AutoCAD, the design process has changed around the world.
Now you just have to hire a specialist and share your ideas with him. After a while, you will see the result even better than What you had in your head.

2D AutoCAD

It has the most application for engineers, which is very practical and is very useful for drawing two-dimensional drawings and plans. Architects and industrial engineers use this space. AutoCAD 2D space is one of the most popular spaces for map drawings.
In fact, as the name implies, this space is for drawing lines and maps that are in two-dimensional space. These maps include plans, sections, site plans, and so on. The designer designs them to introduce your work. Also, this space has the ability to draw your architectural plans along with all phase 2 and executive plans. And this has made this software very popular.
Due to the pervasiveness of this software in office and educational environments, as well as its high speed in drawing and high accuracy, hiring an AutoCAD designer is one of the requirements for running a technical engineering company. Also, this software and its various applications will help you earn more money.

3D AutoCAD

Another area of this software is related to its 3D drawings, which again shows the usefulness of AutoCAD for 3D design.
This space is used for designing three-dimensional volumes that are used for architectural and industrial engineers. The specialist you hire in this environment can prepare the volume you want by rendering it in 3D.
He can draw the initial lines of your volume in 2D AutoCAD environment. Then enter the 3D environment and convert the lines to volume with the help of the initial lines he drew.
Now he can import these volumes into other software for rendering, and all you have to do is enjoy his skill and the power of AutoCAD.
By making your imagination three-dimensional, the designer gives you the ability to walk around it, enter into your volume, and notice and correct possible problems in your work, and by rotating around your work, examine it from different angles.
This will allow you to get a closer look at the reality of your work. To better understand its possible problems and fix it.
Designer can also easily design multiple designs for a project for you to show to your employer or teacher. In this way, you have given your employer choose power.
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