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Building Simple Shopping Cart System for an eCommerce site

14 days
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Problem Statement: We must build a simple eCommerce website's shopping cart system. It does not need any backend and middle end; it just needs the front end. Please help us build the UI/UX of the shopping cart system. The system has to show the list of all products and search them by name and price. And customers can add some products they want to buy to the shopping cart and remove some of them from it. If there is nothing in the shopping cart, it has to show an empty shopping cart image. And if not, it has to offer a list of products by category with their names, prices, amounts, etc. Description: Create an empty React.js Project and install Build a Layout of the Shopping Cart System and add styles. Make a data structure of the product list. Implement the Search function and Scroll-Spy function, adding products to the shopping cart and removing products from the shopping cart. After doing all these, have a test and fix bugs. Prerequisites: Good knowledge of JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and JavaScript Object Model Deep understanding of React.js and its core principles Previous experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Redux) Familiarity with the more current EcmaScript specifications Familiarity with HTML / CSS Hints: Build a layout with several components. Make a card for a product description. Make a data structure of all products as an initial state variable in redux. Implement Adding and removing products using a reducer You can implement the search function using core java. script You can implement the scroll spy function using react scroll spy .module
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